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mobile game directions
“ By definition, a mobile game is one that can be played in multiple location (sic) and while moving.” - Kurt Uhlir on Mob...
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Mobile Game Directions

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A Pecha Kucha Night presentation I did in Rotterdam on the 25th of october at Off_Corso. It covers some industry threats, trends in the market and for the most part concepts and directions for mobile gaming that I find interesting.

  • may u send me a copy?
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  • E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial


    I′ve found this game - it′s very cool. It′s a mega package for most SE UIQ mobile phones!

    About the game:

    Premium game: The amazing 47 mini-games collection extravaganza for your mobile phone.

    Celebrate the 25th anniversary of E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial with us. Join young Elliott and his family in their adventure to help a stranded alien return to his home planet. Get ready to don your BMX, evade the evil scientists and find a way for E.T. to phone home. Play up to 47 different games of logic, reflex, strategy, maze and action to test your skills. Explore the numerous rooms of Elliott's house, the surroundings and the dark forest.The game’s story mode re-enacts all the key scenes from the 1982 classic movie, which will bring back great memories in every minute of gameplay Experience how Elliott and E.T. meet for the first time. Lay trails of sweets, lure the little alien into the house, play games with him and strengthen your friendship. Collect all the parts for E.T.’s phone and escape the government goons so he finally can meet with his fellow comrades and get back to his home planet. From the quirky menu to the heart-breaking ending – E.T. The Extra Terrestrial offers more than 6 hours story mode game play – and hundreds of hours replayability.



    you can see the pic. for this link.
    you can download this game for this link.
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  • Thanks Tosime. I'll try your advice on the text bars next time.
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  • Excellent slideshow. The text bars could use more transparency and contrast - try white text on grey background with 30% transparency.
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  • Original image:
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