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  1. Passenger address system- This system is used to make announcements, give information etc to the passenger on board during an emergency. Announcements can be made from all handsets & the flight deck. Many aircrafts have pre- recorded ones as well when announcements in regional languages are necessary.
  2. Pilot and co pilots are not allowed to eat same meal at a time because there may be chance of food poisoning
  3. The hot braver ages are given by the side of the cockpit for safety
  4. Crew is not allowed to go in cargo compartment
  5. Passenger get more comfort than any others do mode of transport.
  6. Due to the emergency of the LCC (low cost carriers) even common man can now travel by air which was a rare scenario in the earlier days.
  7. Development in economy.
  8. Improves standard of living.
  9. More job opportunity.
  10. Improvement in business sector.
  11. Improves technology.
  12. Opportunity to visit different countries.
  13. The aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world .
  14. As earlier it used to take weeks to cross the ocean but now its just a matter of hours..
  15. The growth rate of domestic and international sector has been more than 25% which is highest in he world.
  16. It brings air pollution and increase in air traffic.
  17. Hijack, bomb threat and emergency landing.
  18. As there has been a hike in fuel charges, the airlines have increased their fares .
  19. The air tickets will not be affordable to the common man and it would be only for high class society people.
  20. No new aircrafts will be purchased .
  21. Some airlines had cancelled all flights on routes that are un economic.
  22. Airline increased their extra charges such as baggage handling to cover over all increased cost.
  23. For crew members Very risky.
  24. Limited Flying Cannot choose Destination Shouting from Passenger.
  25. Cleaning the Washroom and vomits.
  26. Taking care of medical passengers.
  27. Handling Drunk Passenger with Abusive behaviour.
  28. No social life.
  29. Fatigue.