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Saudi arabia(economy) PPT

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Saudi arabia(economy) PPT

  1. 1. "There is no god but God: Muhammad is the Messenger of God." Saudi Arabia
  2. 2. About Saudi Arabia Officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The largest Arab state in Western Asia by land area. Saudi oil reserves are the largest in the world, and Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading oil producer and exporter. Birthplace of Islam, the kingdom has a special place in the region.
  3. 3. Saudi Arabia - Geography
  4. 4. Currency (Riyal) The Saudi riyal is the currency of Saudi Arabia. It is abbreviated as ‫ ر.س‬or SR (Saudi Riyal).
  5. 5. Market Analysis • Population Size • Description of Labor Force • Consumer Purchasing Power • Distribution • Trade Restrictions
  6. 6. Population Description and Characteristics • The population of Saudi Arabia is approximately 22,757,092, which includes 5,360,526 non-nationals. • 42.52% of the population is aged 0-14. • 54.8% of the population is aged 15-64. • 2.68% of the population is 65 years old or older.
  7. 7. Labor Force • Saudi Arabia’s labor force is 7 million people, 35% of this population consists of non-nationals – Agriculture 12% – Industry 25% – Services 63%
  8. 8. Purchasing Power • Saudi Arabia’s Purchasing Power Parity is $740.5 billion (2012 est.).
  9. 9. Consumer Demand • Water is scarce in Saudi Arabia • Foodstuffs (which includes beverages) are among the largest commodities imported • Significant changes have been made regarding irrigation, but there are still many efforts that Saudi Arabia must overcome before they will be self-sufficient
  10. 10. US Top 25 Export Destinations for Bottled Water US Exports: Top 25 Export Destinations for Bottled Water 10000 This market would be viable for our product, currently – very few bottled water distributors export product to Saudi Arabia and the only local competition would be government based irrigation companies whose primary focus is supplying water to agricultural businesses. 9000 8000 6000 5000 4000 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2001 YTD 2002 YTD 3000 2000 1000 Country Pa la u Sa m oa G er m an M y ar sh al lI Ve s ne zu el a Co lo m bi a 0 Ja pa n C an ad a M ex ic o Ba ha m as Br Vi rg N in ew Is Ze al an d Be lg iu m U C ni hi te na d Ki ng do m Au st ra li a Ta D iw om an in ic an R ep Ca ym an Is Au st ria C ze Ita ch ly Re pu bl ic C yp ru s D en m ar k Ar ub a Money in $1,000 Dollars 7000
  11. 11. Restrictions • Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world which bans women from driving. • Banned products: alcohol products, weapons, and any item that is held to be contrary to the tenets of Islam – – – – – Non-Islamic Religious Materials Pork Products Pornography Christmas Decorations Fashion Magazines
  12. 12. Distribution • Railways: 1,389 km • Highways (paved): 44,104 km • Ports and Harbors: total of 13 • Airports with paved runways: 70 • Heliports: 5
  13. 13. Tariffs and Duties • Some Saudi industries are protected by the imposition of 20% import duties on certain commodities. • Contractors must buy equipment and materials from a Saudi importer or manufacturer. If supplies are not available locally, the contractors are allowed to import from foreign sources. Tariff rates vary from 0 – 4%. • Items produced in the Kingdom are assessed at an import tariff of 20%.
  14. 14. Touristic Spots Saudi Arabia
  15. 15. Madain Saleh
  16. 16. Farasan Islands
  17. 17. Empty Quarter It is not empty, it is full of beauty, silence, wildlife and tranquillity.
  18. 18. Wabha Crater
  19. 19. Edge of the World
  20. 20. And many more....