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Target Account Whitepaper

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Publicado el Has sponsored this document for your free use. is a Strategic Sales Tool provided as a Service (SaaS) and designed by Sales Executives to help other Sales Executives in their daily Sales Processes from Lead-to­‐Order. SocialADM is especially designed for Strategic, Complex, Value and Solution Selling Process.

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Target Account Whitepaper

  1. 1. Re-­‐Think   Your  Sales  Focus.  In  2012  Authored  by:    h?p://twi?  h?p://  
  2. 2. About  This  Document  About  This  Document  This  document  gives  a  framework  for  planning  how  you  choose  your  Sales  Target  Accounts.  You  are  free  to  re-­‐use  this  plan  as  is  or  modify  it  to  be?er  fit  your  purpose.  Who  Should  Read  This?  This  document  is  planned  for  anyone  interested  in  making  sense  of  Strategic  Sales,  Complex  Sales,  SoluKon  Selling  and  Value  Selling.    Main  Target:  Directors,  Sales  Team  Leaders,  Business  Owners,  Sales  ExecuKves,  Others  Interested  About  SocialADM  is  a  Strategic  Sales  Tool  provided  as  a  Service  (SaaS)  and  designed  by  Sales  ExecuKves  to  help  other  Sales  ExecuKves  in  their  daily  Sales  Processes  from  Lead-­‐to-­‐Order.  SocialADM  is  especially  designed  for  Strategic,  Complex,  Value  and  SoluKon  Selling  Process.  
  3. 3. Making  the  Decision  to  Target  When  choosing  an  Enterprise  sales  approach,  it  could  be  smart  to  plan  your  sales  by  Target  Account  Model.    Why?    –  It  helps  you  focus.  
  4. 4. Target  Account–  in  a  nutshell  What  makes  the  account  Target?  •   Account  Size?  (exisKng  revenue  or  potenKal?)  •   Account  Annual  Turnover,  Qn  of  People,  Industry?  •   Strategic  type,  other  partnership  reasons?  •   Future  Opportunity?  •   A  meeKng  you  had  or  a  person  you  met?  
  5. 5. Target  Account  –  Sample  definiKon  Target  Account:    Defined  by  Revenue  &  10-­‐by-­‐10  Rule   Exis%ng  Account   New  Account   ExisKng  Revenue  Beyond  100K   PotenKal  Revenue  Beyond  100K*   Future  Revenue  beyond  100K   Repeatable  Value  ProposiKon**   Maximum  10  per  Sales  Professional   Maximum  10  per  Sales  Professional  
  6. 6. Target  Account  –  Choosing  the  Strategy  The  Go-­‐To  Target  Strategy:  Focus   Account  Type   Exis%ng  Account   New  Account   Strategic,  Enterprise,  Key   Focus  Strategy   Focus  Strategy   Mid-­‐Market   SoluKon  Strategy   SoluKon  Strategy   Low-­‐Market   AcKvity  Strategy   AcKvity  Strategy   See:  FAST  –Strategy  Whitepaper  for  reference  on  Focus  Strategy.  
  7. 7. Target  Account  –  Focus  Strategy   Sample  of  Focus  Strategy  Focus   Ac%vity   Solu%ons   Pipeline   Est.   Target   ACV  My  12   Cross-­‐sell  and  Up-­‐sell   Personalized  ADM     Less  opportuniKes   $1,400,000  Exis%ng       High  value     Strategic   Personalized  Targets:   ADM  co-­‐op  to  gain   Customized  Stages   opportuniKes   messaging  Apple,  Nokia,   access  to  Decision     Shorter  lead  thru’   Excellent  Samsung,   Maker   IntegraKon  to  ERP   Quality  Google,      Microso`   Close  AM  RelaKonship   Custom  Training        Partners:   SoluKon/Strategic  sales   Custom  Consultancy  KwanKc,    Wunderman,   Cubic  Sales  (6  ways  DD)  Zaaz,      Accenture,     Targeted  Small  Events  Tieto       Quarterly  Dinners    12  Largest    New  Targets:   ExecuKve  MeeKngs  Rovio,  GM,  Disney,  etc…     See:  FAST  –Strategy  Whitepaper  for  reference  on  Focus  Strategy.  
  8. 8. Re-­‐Think   Your  B2B  Sales.   Our  Website:  h?p://   Our  Blog:  h?p://      In  2012  Authored  by:    h?p://twi?  h?p://