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Kamlesh Pandey

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Kamlesh Pandey

  1. 1. Kamlesh Pandey Mob: - +91 9819587872, 9956247809 Email: OBJECTIVE: To take a challenging and high performance oriented role in the field of Computer Engineering and implement The expertise and experience gained in this field to develop complex project with efficiency and quality. EDUCATION: • B.A passed out from Kanpur University 2011. • 10+2 passed from U.P. Board 2008. • 10 passed from U.P. Board 2006. PROFESNAL CARTIFICATION: • Computer Hardware Networking JCHNP passed from Jetking Allahabad (2010). TECHNICAL SKILL:  Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) from Jetking.  Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Jetking)  Awareness in Linux installation and configuration.  Handling McAfee, Trend Micro Antivirus. WORKING EXPRIENCE: 1. Accel Frontline Ltd. (Mumbai): (6 Dec 2013-Till Date) JOB PROFILE: • Currently working with Accel Frontline Ltd. Mumbai, as a Senior Engineer cum Team leader for Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd.  Around 300 clients including desktops as well as laptops & many servers are there (FILE SERVER, AD, WSUS, TREND MACRO and McAfee Antivirus), we implemented them into domain. With domain controller (DC) having Windows Server 2k3 & Server 2k8 operating system.  Maintaining Active Directory & applying various group policies in domain to secured network environment.  Installation and configuration 2k8 servers.  Creating User Accounts, Configuring User Profiles, Managing Account and Domain Controller.  Manage McAfee Anti-Virus Server & Trend Micro enterprise anti-virus server 11.0 to ensure systems and Data are protected from malicious virus attacks.  Installed and configured & Managing EMC Iomega NAS Storage Server & allotting Quota limit for each & every users & departments as per IT Policy of DFPCL. Address:-Saraswati Niwas Near Bodke Building Lokgram Police Chouki Kalyan East. (Maharashtra)
  2. 2. Kamlesh Pandey Mob: - +91 9819587872, 9956247809 Email:  Take remote using Team Viewer, VNC, Dame Ware & Remote desktop to resolve issue immediately to avoid unnecessary delay & quick resolution.  Installed and configured the troubleshoot on mail applications like MS Outlook 7,10, Office 365, Outlook express, Windows live mail.  Manage Video Conference between two different locations using LAN or ISDN connection.  Monitor all Networking devices & Maintain report using solar wind network monitoring tool like PRTG,  Installation & troubleshooting SAP Client V 7.30 Application.  Installed & Configured DNS & DHCP Server on Win 2008 server.  Providing support for Desktop, Laptop, Network, Printers, related issue  Configuration and installation of cisco switches.  Handling the call with ITSM.  Configure and installation CCTV client application and also monitoring network consol. Network Support:- • Cisco & switch configuration in particular VLAN configuration/troubleshooting • Administering & designing LANs, WANs internet/intranet, networks • Network connectivity troubleshooting, ping, tracert, telnet PROJECTS  Participate in RFID Project Managing & handling Xtenna Reader, Signage, Handheld Reader, Access Point.  Participate in VMS (visitor management system) installation & monitoring.  Participate in CCTV project. Configuration of IP dome Camera, PTZ camera, also install & Maintain Milestone Xprotect smart client application on 2012 server. 2. Medsave Health Care Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi) (1st July 2010- 19 May 2013). JOB PROFILE: • The Support includes installation of the OS like Windows XP,vista,7 • Assembling of computers & troubleshooting of it. • Setting up client server as well as peer to peer networks. • Installation & Configuration of Modem, Printers, Scanners, etc. • Client site Configuration of Mail in Outlook Express & MS Outlook. • Maintenance & assembling of all kind of machines like P IV, PIII, PII, & Celeron etc. • Troubleshooting all kind of Hardware & Network Problems STRENGTHS: 1. Good Communication skill to present points precisely and clearly about computer. 2. Good problem solving ability and analytic skill to solve the problem efficiently. 3. Good Technical Skill. 4. Must be a high energy team player with a positive attitude. Address:-Saraswati Niwas Near Bodke Building Lokgram Police Chouki Kalyan East. (Maharashtra)
  3. 3. Kamlesh Pandey Mob: - +91 9819587872, 9956247809 Email: 5. Likes to face new challenges and solve the problems. HOBBIES:  Traveling  Troubleshooting PERSONAL PROFILE: Father's Name : Mr. Madan Lal Pandey Date of Birth : 15th July. 1992 Sex : Male Marital Status : Married Passport No : K1569173 Nationality : Indian Religion : Hindu Address : 254-B Tillak Nagar Allahabad (U.P) Language Known : Hindi & English DECLARATION: I assure that if given me an opportunity I shall prove myself as a big asset for your organization. Date: Place: (Kamlesh Pandey) Address:-Saraswati Niwas Near Bodke Building Lokgram Police Chouki Kalyan East. (Maharashtra)