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• Problem Statement:-1. When you are creating web site what is the reason behind it?2. What problem customer facing during...
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Problem statement

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problem statement

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Problem statement

  1. 1. • Problem Statement:-1. When you are creating web site what is the reason behind it?2. What problem customer facing during online shopping.3. If there is money problem or product (customer satisfaction) problem during onlineshopping. Like customers have to visit many web site for different product.• Proposed Solution:-For solving these problems you are creating this web site. Everything is presented onyour web site.(From your project report)The project has been completed successfully with the maximum satisfaction of theorganization. The constraints are met and overcome successfully. The system isdesigned as like it was decided in the design phase. The project gives good idea ondeveloping a full fledged application satisfying the user requirements.The system is very flexible and versatile. This software has a user-friendly screen thatable the user to use without any inconvenience. Validation checks induced havegreatly reduced errors. Provisions have been made to upgrade the software. Theapplication has been tested with live data and has provided a successful result. Hencethe software has proved to work efficiently.• DeliverablesDeliverable is used in project management to describe a tangible or intangible objectproduced as a result of the project that is intended to be delivered to a customer (eitherinternal or external) . Tangible cost- Tangible cost can be measured eg H/W costs, salaries foremployees, S/W cost.Tangible benefits-Improved response time, producing error free outputs are alltangible benefits. Intangible cost- Whose value can not be measured is referred as intangiblecosts. Eg the cost of break down of an online system during banking hours willcause the bank deposits.Intangible benefits- More customer satisfaction, improved company status areall intangible benefits.