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#17ntc Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace

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This session explores the healthy use of technology for personal and team productivity as well as health and wellness in the nonprofit workplace.

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#17ntc Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace

  1. Beth Kanter, Aisha Moore, Gina Schmeling Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace Nonprofit Technology Conference 2017 #17NTCwecare March 23, 2017
  2. #17NTCwecare Collaboration Notes
  3. Aisha Moore, MPH CHC Self-care by Aisha Aisha Moore, MPH CHC Self-Care by Aisha
  4. Director of Development Hazon @nyginaschmeling, @hazon Gina Schmeling Fundraiser, Runner, Community Builder, NTEN local NYC Co-Organizer
  5. @kanter Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Speaker, Author and Blogger
  6. Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace 1. Why does collaborative technology overload lead to loss of nonprofit workplace productivity and what are the best practices to avoid it? 2. When does technology boost personal productivity for nonprofit professionals and when does it get in the way? 3. What are some examples of technology and nonprofit case studies that supports health, fitness, and wellness in the nonprofit workplace?
  7. Who is in the room? What is your nonprofit budget size? What is your role? Does your organization have a formal wellness program? Does your office mostly sit or mostly stand? Stationary or mobile?
  8. What is your burning question about technology wellness?
  9. 1: Collaborative Overload in the Nonprofit Workplace #17NTCwecare Notes
  10. Collaborative Overload ● Burnout from too many e-mails, meetings, and collaborative tech tools that limits our ability to get stuff done ● More connectivity externally and more collaboration internally is positive, but can lead to being “overwhelmed” ● Research shows that today’s office worker spends 90% of their time engaged in tasks with other people.Research Source: Rob Cross, Adam Grant
  11. ● 15% of organization time is spent in meetings ● Four hours a week for status update meetings ● There are an estimated 11 millions a day in America ● US businesses waste more than $37 billion year in unproductive meetings Source: NY Times, “Meeting is Murder” 2/28/16 Fuze Infographic on Meetings
  12. Planning People Priorities Present Solution: The Four P’s
  13. Planning: Structure and Rituals Assessment 1. Our team has a clear sense of what’s ahead each month 2. We stick to deadlines and commitments and rarely let things fall through the cracks 3. My team or organization has a clear policy about sending after hours emails 4. My team uses cloud software for collaboration and has a well mapped out workflow and training for all users 0-8 What’s your score? 0=No, 1=Sometimes, 2=Yes
  14. Tips to Improve Planning ● Schedule Team Power Hours ● Use Look-Ahead Rituals
  15. Tips to Improve Planning ● Clearly Define Workflow for Online Collaboration Platforms and Training ● Adopt Formal Practices Around Team Emails
  16. People: How You Relate To Others Assessment 1. I am comfortable saying no, negotiating requests, and making requests of others. 2. I stay away from gossip, office politics, and drama 3. Our team communicates precisely via email and online collaboration tools 4. Our team has an effective approach to integrating remote and on-site staff for meetings and collaboration What’s your score? 0=No, 1=Sometimes 2=Yes 0-8
  17. Tips to Improve ● Set a Statute of Limitations on People Frustrations ● Say NO, But Enforce Boundaries With Grace
  18. Tips to Improve People ● Write emails that are precise ● Create a remote working charter for your team Subjects w/Keywords [ACTION] [SIGN] [DECISION] [CORD] [INFO] Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Fewer Words Link to Attachments
  19. Priorities: How You Spend Your Time 1. We spend time working on key priorities and goals that move the needle for our organization, our team, or my own performance and growth. 2. I complete tasks even when I don’t want to do them. 3. My organization or team has clear rationales for how we use our time 4. I understand and accept the trade-offs that I make when choosing how to spend my time. What’s your score? 0=No, 1=Sometimes 2=Yes 0-8
  20. Tips to Improve ● Take A Trend-Line View ● Rethink Status Updates Meetings
  21. Tips to Improve ● Don’t schedule 60 minute meetings by default
  22. Being Present: How You Focus and Pay Attention 1. Our team schedules work according energy levels 2. Our team is focused and engaged in meetings and not multi-tasking 3. We have distraction free environment and time needed to complete the things that require focus or strategic thinking. 4. When I have free time, I know how to use it productively or restoratively. What’s your score? 0=No, 1=Sometimes 2=Yes Add it up your answers 0-8
  23. Tips to Improve ● Team wide analysis of most productive times ● Have explicit team or organization policy about white space or maker time
  24. Tips to Improve ● Device free zones in your workplace ● Meeting policy about use of devices to avoid “technoference”
  25. Book and Fitbit Raffle Write on index card Name Email One thing to put into practice
  26. My so called (digital) life. Aisha Moore Self-care by Aisha
  27. Not An Endorsement
  28. Getting Things Done 29 ➔Collect ➔Process ➔Organize ➔Review ➔Do
  29. Are you….? ➢Overwhelmed ➢Stressed ➢Burned out ➢In need of organization ➢Seeking to calm your mind ➢Headed to the grocery store ➢Feeling sluggish 32
  30. There’s an app for that! 33
  31. Comparison Guide 34 Battery Life Color Weight Syncing Price
  32. Are you getting things done?
  33. Adding To The Comparison Guide 36 ➔Reduce Anxiety ➔Increased Energy ➔Decrease Chaos ➔Increase Responsiveness ➔Increased Happiness ➔Increased Calm ➔Better Sleep ➔Exercising more
  34. Help or Hinder: Alerts 37
  35. Help or Hinder: Mobile Email Access 38 It’s 3AM and I am answering work email yet again!(but from the beach!)
  36. Help or Hinder: Collaborative Scheduling 39
  37. But Google Can Do It All! 40
  38. Analog Girl in A Digital World Sanebox Bullet Journal
  39. Bullet Journal Envy
  40. Is digital better than analog? This is not the right question. So, what is? 1. Is your current strategy getting you the results you want? 2. Is there a steep cost or learning curve to the new solution? 3. Are you using the solution 80% of the time? 4. Does the solution have other features that distract you from you original goal? 43
  41. My Personal Top 5 1. Email Management: Sanebox/Dropbox 2. To-do list and planning: Bullet Journal Method 3. Working out: Classpass 4. Meditation: Stop.Breathe.Think 5. Home Organization: KonMari Method 44
  42. Book and Fitbit Raffle Write on index card Name Email One thing to put into practice
  43. Healthy Tech for a Healthy Workplace Gina Schmeling Director of Development, Hazon @nyginaschmeling #17NTCwecare
  44. About where I work . . . Hazon means vision. We create healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond.
  45. About me . . . I’m a runner and a gadget enthusiast.
  46. Consulting PT to Working FT A loss of activity & mobility (oh the irony!) From this To this
  47. What to do?
  48. Work from within WAW = Weekly Afternoon Walk Google Cal Staff & Leadership Buy In For Everyone
  49. Start where you are Manageable Open to all Fun Social Account for Location, Weather, Workflow
  50. AC/Dcs of Workplace Tech Apps Charity Miles, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Strava Devices (aka Wearables) Fitbit, Garmin, Mio, HRMs Culture (leadership) culture (staff)
  51. Fitbit ● Easy ● Fun ● Social ● Icebreaker! ● Multi-platform And, it tracks what you are already doing . . .
  52. Fitbit
  53. Fitbit Case Study: RTA Problem Bus drivers sit 8 hrs/day Average Age 52 $7M healthcare in healthcare expenses And, “living up to the stereotype” of unhealthy bus driver Solution Pilot program - 100/650 employees with Fitbit Choose your step goal - find creative ways to get in steps (aisle of the bus, in parking lots) Onsite wellness: yoga, group fitness Health stats improved, health costs went down (-17 pt glucose, -12 pt LDL, -$2.3M healthcare savings)
  54. Strava Social Media for Athletes . . . or anyone who moves ● Syncs with devices and apps ● Feed = runs, swims, bike rides, hikes, walks ● Social, fun, easy, playful, motivating ● Support and cheer around goals or events
  55. Strava in Action: Every Mother Counts
  56. Strava in Action: Making Runs Social
  57. One is good . . . two is better and Facebook is often the glue.
  58. Hazon and TNT on FB
  59. Workplace wellness is a team effort
  60. Self-care to we-care Me (and that’s YOU!) Experiment Enjoy Share Reboot We (includes YOU!) Support Promote Suggest Celebrate Co-Lead
  61. Book and Fitbit Raffle Write on index card Name Email One thing to put into practice
  62. Thank You! Session Specific Hashtag: #17NTCwecare Collaboration Notes Link: Session Evaluations: