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Council on Foundations ROI Panel

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Council on Foundations ROI Panel

  1. Nonprofits, Social Media and ROI …. Beth Kanter, Zoetica COF, Annual Conference, April 2011
  2. Measuring and learning from social media practice must start from the beginning ….
  3. CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Nonprofit and Social Media Maturity of Practice Model Capacity Building in Best Practices
  4. If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Inspiration
  5. Where to focus … CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Communications Social Media Social Media Multiple Channels Strategy Strategy Strategy Reflection/Improvement Culture Change SMART Objectives Engagement Network Building Audience Content Listening Experiments/Pilots
  6. Listen Promote Participate Publish Build No Engagement Broadcast/Share Low Engagement Content Intensive Network High Engagement 15 min/day + 20 min/day + 30 min/day + 3-5 hrs/wk + 5-10 hrs/wk CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Original concept by Beth Kanter – remix by Aliza Sherman
  7. What is your biggest challenge using social media effectively? Tools Skills Culture Don’t Know Awareness of Don’t Value What to Tools Learning Measure Collect lots of System data, have no Lack Dashboard idea what it Resources means
  8. Culture Fear of Failure
  9. Culture Don’t Value Learning
  10. MomsRising: Joyful Funerals
  11. You want me to Tweet and measure it too? Lack Resources: Time and Staff
  12. Tools Not aware of the many free, low cost , and professional social media analytics and measurement tools (and how to use them)
  13. Tools/System: No Dashboard or Siloed Dashboard
  14. Skills: Confusion between counting and measurement
  15. Not sure what to measure ….
  16. Collect a lot data, but not sure what it means
  17. Many do not start off with a SMART Social Media Objective
  18. If they did, they would know that there are just 3 things to measure …. Source: Kami Huyse
  19. Awareness
  20. Attitude
  21. Action/Behavior Change
  22. Social Media strategy is part of integrated communications strategy. Track Awareness: Share of Conversion About Hunger Conversions for advocacy (Child Nutrition Bill) and donations Cross Department Dashboard FLY KPI: Linked to Job Performance
  23. Crawl: Spreadsheet Aerobics: Begin with 2-3 data points
  24. Benefits Value Costs Math The ROI Analysis Puzzle
  25. Executive Directors and Pot Holes Problem
  26. What are the results? What’s the value? How much time? Executive directors want to know …. Photo by edyson
  27. ROI: Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly Results Impact Investment $ Interaction Insight Number of Months Strategy, Measure, Improve
  28. Goals: 1. To promote Independent Sector with “non-attending audiences” through attendees’ social media mentions 2. To capture summaries of the 2010 conference to show the richness of the content as a means to promote the event for 2011 3. To test pilot social media at the conference and to capture lessons learned and ideas for future social media efforts Metrics for Success 1. Seven bloggers and seven Tweeters are identified and recruited to cover the event 2. Content from seven sessions is posted to the IS blog or other blogs 3. The number of retweets using the hashtag #ISconf increases from 2009 4. The team gains social media experience and insights about social media practice
  29. Cost of acquisition Donor conversions Life time value of a donor
  30. Wisdom of the Crowds Meets Person-to-Person Fundraising
  31. Results More timely and accurate public health messaging communities. and more efficient use of staff time Booking appointments Answering public health questions Less time on phone or other channels Ease of communication with journalists More press coverage, less staff time
  32. “People regard our program as honest and informative. After almost two years on the social media front, we’ve developed a good system to get timely and accurate public health messaging to our communities. We firmly believe that our presence on social media sites has really enhanced our communication with the media and public. Executive Director, Gary Edwards said it best in our 2010 Annual Report; that during tough economic times, SLVHD rose to the occasion and found innovative, cost effective ways to communicate with our community. “ - Vanna Livaditis, New Media Coordinator
  33. A/B testing Isolate variables X number of smokers quit smoking over x months
  34. ROI Storytelling: System for collecting stories not in the charts
  35. Measuring the Networked Nonprofit
  36. Conclusion Social media measurement goes hand in hand with good practice Slightly more mature practice for measuring business results vs social impact Social media measurement is a discipline, not a task, and it needs to be part of the organization’s culture There’s a big need for more training/capacity for measurement discipline and improvement of practice and sharing the stories