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  1. Crowd Sourcing Innovative Social Change <br />Beth Kanter, Zoetica<br />Amy Sample Ward, Netsquared<br />Holly Ross, NTEN<br />David Neff, Lights. Camera. Help.<br />Kari Dunn Saratovsky Case Foundation<br />
  2. Beth Kanter, CEO Zoetica and co-author of The Networked Nonprofit <br />
  3. Amy Sample Ward, Netsquared<br />
  4. Holly Ross, NTEN<br />
  5. Kari Dunn Saratovsky Case Foundation<br />
  6. David Neff, Lights. Camera. Help. <br />
  7. Twitter Advocate: Claire Sale<br />Hashtag: #crowdX<br />
  8. Definition<br />
  9. Social Media for Social Good Case Study Competition<br />Flickr: Johnath<br />
  10. What case study examples do you think were most interesting and why?<br />
  11. Did crowd sourcing add value?<br />
  12. Did we agree with the wisdom of the crowds in case study competition?<br />
  13. When NOT to use crowd sourcing?<br />
  14. How do you convince your senior management that some of the best ideas come from outside your organization?<br />
  15. What social media tools are best for crowdsourcing?<br />
  16. Social Media in Program Delivery<br />
  17. How do you measure social change?<br />
  18. How do keep stakeholders engaged in creating change over the long haul?<br />
  19. What’s your top takeaway?<br />