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Leveraging Social Media: Facebook Conference Call 1

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Leveraging Social Media: Facebook Conference Call 1

  1. Welcome!<br />If you experience any technical difficulties logging into the system, please contact Ready/Talk Customer support: 800.843.9166<br />Please use *6 to Mute your conference line<br />Play with the chat: Type the name of your favorite artist in the chat window! <br />
  2. This call is being recorded<br />* 2<br />Flickr Photo by Malinki<br />
  3. LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: <br />BECOMING A NETWORKED ARTS NONPROFIT<br />Facebook Cohort GroupConference Call 1: May 4, 2011<br />Track 1: Beginner<br />Beth Kanter and Julie Pippert, Zoetica<br />
  4. Beth Kanter<br />Julie Pippert<br />Photo by Geoff Livingston<br />
  5. Agenda<br />Roll Call (5 minutes)Quick Wiki Pointers (5 minutes)Facebook Experiment: First Steps (30 minutes)Peer Assist  (10 minutes)<br />Reflection and Next Call (5 minutes)<br />
  6. Roll Call: Phone/Voice<br />When I call your name, Unmute by *7, say hello and Mute by *6<br />Type Into Chat<br />Your organization’s name and why you selected the Facebook experiment ….. <br />
  7. Demo: Adding Notes To Your Journal<br /><br />Your Turn: Add Your Facebook Page URL To Your Experiment Journal <br />
  8. A reminder about where <br />to get “just in time” help ….<br /><br /><br />
  9. Facebook Experiment: First Steps<br /><ul><li> SMART Objectives Based on Benchmarking
  10. Work Flow/Capacity
  11. Your Profile
  12. Landing Tabs</li></li></ul><li>Identify the intent of your Facebook PageKeep current audiences engaged between performances<br />Raise brand awareness<br />Identify and recruit new audiences to your events, programs, concerts. or exhibits<br />Inspire conversation online/offline to support audience development <br />Get new ideas and feedback on programs and services<br />Research what people are saying about your art<br />Drive traffic to web site or blog<br />Social content generation<br />Identify and build relationships with influencers, allies & supporters<br />What is the intent of your Facebook Page?Type into the chat …<br />
  13. Make It Smart In Context<br />Devon Smith’s Benchmarking Study<br /><br />
  14. Intent: Raise brand awareness<br />Objective:By the end of Leveraging Social Media experiment, we will increase the number of Fans who "Like" us on Facebook by X% or by x number<br />What’s your current baseline: How many Fans does you have now? <br />Compare To: Peer Organization Benchmark Median Number of FB Fans: 1600 per Devon<br />
  15. Intent: Inspire conversations related to audience development goals<br />Objective: <br />By the end of Leveraging Social Media experiment, we will post content daily that increases the number of comments per post by X<br />By the end of Leveraging Social Media experiment, we will post content daily that engages people in our art and scores x% feedback percentage.<br />Compare to your current baseline: What is your average comment per post ratio? What is your current feedback percentage per post on average?Benchmark Median Number of Daily Comments Per Post: 4.5 per Devon<br />
  16. Posts By Admin (37) Divided by Total Number of Comments (206) = 5.5 comments per post<br />
  17. Compare to yourself<br />
  18. Team or Solo<br />Who will do the work?<br />Set Up<br />SMART Objectives<br />Transfer<br />1-4 Hours Per Week<br />
  19. Work Flow Tips<br />Page Administrators: You can add an unlimited number of administrators on Facebook Page, so why go it alone? By sharing the workload, you'll be able to do more. <br />Post or Comment as You or Your Page?Facebook's newly launched design allows you to do this. <br />Don’t Live on Facebook: Use daily small chunks of time to post content and respond to fans. More efficient to have an editorial calendar for the month (next time we’ll talk about this in detail). Tools like Nutshell Mail can be useful.<br />Spreadsheet Aerobics: For content planning and measurement. Insights and data can be easily put into spreadsheets.<br />
  20. Toggle Back and Forth for commenting on other pages<br />
  21. Toggle Back and Forth for commenting on other pages<br />
  22. 3: Look and Feel<br />Basics<br />Fill out your profile completely (depends on the category you selected)<br />Look and feel match your branding<br />Custom URL:<br />
  23. What important field is missing?<br />
  24. 3: Look and Feel<br />Advanced<br />Custom Content: The default welcome page for your FacebookPage is your wall. But why welcome people with wall when you can have a more inviting welcome mat in the form of a “custom landing page.”<br />Causes has just announced Facebook Page integration. <br />
  25.<br />
  26. Peer Assist<br />*6 mute<br />*7 unmute<br />
  27. Reflection and Closing<br /><ul><li> One minute of silence
  28. Type into Chat: What is one thing you are going to do for your Facebookexperiment before we meet again?</li></ul>Check out the Twitter experiment on the wiki:<br />Homework: <br />Objective, Workflow, Profile<br />Review Step 4/5:<br />Notes on the Wiki, Next June 8th<br />