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Slides Module 3

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Slides Module 3

  1. Module 3:Your Blogosphere Radar Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
  2. Beth Kanter, Presenter Photo by Steve Goodman
  3. Rebecca Krause-Hardie, Co-Moderator
  4. Housekeeping Details
  5. Logistics: Ask Questions Type them in here, click send Otherwise, I’m talking into a black hole!
  6. Logistics: Muting *6 to *7 to Un- Mute mute
  7. After the Session … • An evaluation survey from the system • Web page with links and slides •
  8. Wait for the Recording Lady…
  9. Module 3:Your Blogosphere Radar Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
  10. Learning Objectives • Interacting With Your Readers • Ego Feeds • Conversation Trackers • Tags • Finding Topics
  11. Let’s Check in the Previous Two Assignments
  12. Reading and Commenting on other blogs Quick Review Questions or concerns?
  13. Reading and Commenting on other blogs 1. Have you been able to set up a reader? 2. Have you been able to find blogs? 3. Are you making it a habit to read blogs? 4. Have you been leaving comments on other blogs? 5. What have you learned? 6. What challenges?
  14. Module 2: The Art of Blogging Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
  15. Writing Blog Posts How was it to write your first few blog posts? How might you improve what you did? What would you do differently? What feels uncomfortable or unclear?
  16. What is a Blogosphere Radar? Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
  17. Interacting with your readers on your blog
  18. How do write posts that encourage comments?
  19. How You End Your Post Really Matters
  20. Invite Comments
  21. Be Open Ended
  22. Respond to your readers!
  23. Set Boundaries
  24. Be Humble Be Gracious Be Controversial!
  25. Reward Commenters
  26. How might you incorporate some of these qualities into your blog posts?
  27. How to Respond to Comments
  28. •Be honest and to the point •Respond quickly •Reply to every (rational) question •If a commenter corrects you, thank them and update
  29. Tracking Your Comments
  30. Your readers comments …. …in RSS or Email
  31. Comments left elsewhere ..
  32. It’s all about the ego
  33. Repeat these searches For keywords and Topics
  34. Conversation Trackers
  35. Bookmarklet
  36. Tagging
  37. Assignment 1.Write posts that invite comments using a few of the strategies 2. Set up your ego feeds 3. Set up your keyword and tag search feeds 4.Set up commentful 5. Write a post based on what you found in the feeds