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Social Media Ambassadors for Giving Tuesday

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Social Media Ambassadors for Giving Tuesday

  1. Creating A Social Media Ambassador Strategy Beth Kanter Master Trainer, Speaker, and Author
  2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, Speaker and Blogger @kanter
  3. Agenda • What is heck a social media ambassador? • The benefits of using Social Media Ambassadors • Why start with “insiders” (staff and board) • Examples • Strategy from Inside Out: Getting Buy-In, Guidelines • How Get People Who Love Your Organization To Be Social Media Ambassadors: Tips and Tricks
  4. Redefining Brand Ambassadors in An Age of Social Media
  5. Definition • Any stakeholder who is passionate about your organization • Shares information about your organization on social channels • Asks their online social networks to support to the organization.
  6. Coordinating & Amplifying Social Media Ambassadors = Impact “When you hear an idea from two people, it counts for twice as much as if you randomly hear it once. And if you hear an idea from ten people, the impact is completely off the charts compared to just one person whispering in your ear. Coordinating and amplifying the evangelists of your idea is a big part of the secret of marketing with impact.” Seth Godin
  7. Start With Your Insiders!! Staff Board • Believe in your organization • Have the desire to work to make things better • Understand your nonprofit mission and the bigger picture • Already have great stories about your organization • Have networks who may already be interested in your organization • Know your organization and industry really well • May already be using social media channels
  8. Here’s Why: Trust of Nonprofit Brands Is Eroding
  9. They Are Already Using Social Media Anyway, Why Not Leverage?
  10. @rdearborn works an organization conservation organization and she LOVES sharks. How Can You Leverage Staff Passion for Mission?
  11. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from using insiders as social media ambassadors too boost their fundraising and marketing campaigns …. Let’s look at some examples ….
  12. Wake International
  13. Wake International
  14. Arkansas Advocates
  15. Human Rights Watch • Goal: Impact policy change • Leverage individual networks of over 200 staff members on Twitter • Social media policy encourages all staff to participate as personal brands • Provide training and support, with social media manager providing support • Internal coordination via listserv • Provides value to staff for content curation and media relations
  16. The Process 1: Buy In 2: Guidelines 3: Support 4: Activate Insiders
  17. I have work to do! Can finally tweet about our programs from my personal account! Why Getting Buy-In Is So Important What’s the value?
  18. Social Media Policy – Addressing Concerns
  19. 12 Word Social Media Personal Use Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal Dos and Don’ts
  20. Objective Value Increase employee engagement by x% by end of fiscal year Improves internal communications, collaboration Improves loyalty, buy-in to mission Decreases burnout and turnover Recruit XX number of social media ambassadors by launch of campaign Free up communications staff time for more strategic planning versus doing More gets done Less burden on existing volunteers or staff Increase reach by xx% by end of the fiscal year Increases donors to campaign Increases the number of email prospects Change in attitude and increased trust in your organization xx% by the end of the fiscal year Percentage likely to volunteer or donate increases Improve relationships with existing donors and volunteers xx% by the end of the fiscal year Better management, more stable finances Improve engagement with stakeholders xx% by the end of the fiscal year Better feedback and ideas for innovation Better understanding of attitudes and perceptions of stakeholders
  21. Board Members As Social Media Ambassadors: Support, Activate • Survey of social media use • Review guidelines • Training sessions • Stories • Brand collateral • Brand social media • How to support with personal social media accounts • Fun Contest • Activate and Support for specific campaigns
  22. Social Media Ambassadors Inside 1: Buy In 2: Guidelines 3: Support 4: Activate Insiders
  23. Your nonprofit also has plenty of “outsiders” who love your organization Why not put them to work as social media ambassadors and boost your fundraising campaigns or programs? Image: NY Times
  24. Social Media Ambassadors from the Outside Research Recruit Support Activate Outsiders
  25. • Staff and board as staff social media ambassadors • Recruited well-known and aligned ambassadors to promote on social media channels • Recruited pro bono volunteers: PR, Video, Photography, Content • Activated board • Reached out to aligned partner organizations and individuals to promote on social media channels
  26. Social Media Ambassadors: Prospect Research
  27. Research: Recruit from Your Database, Lists, Events • Post invitation on social channels
  28. Social Media Ambassadors: Who is Most Engaged on Social Channels?
  29. Social Media Ambassadors: Facebook • Use tool like “Top Fans “ to identify engaged fans and research them on Google or your database • Use tool like ActionSprout to gather email addresses of engaged followers via FB. • Ask board/staff to share link to landing page on their FB profiles and post on Brand Page
  30. Social Media Ambassadors: Twitter • Review brand account for active verified users • Use a Followerwonk to easily sort and search followers • Create a Twitter list of your best prospects and cross check with your organization’s database. • Tweet links to landing page to sign up as Social Media Ambassador
  31. Social Media Ambassadors: Instagram • Use a free tool like Social Rank to filter your organization’s Instagram followers by keywords in their bios, hashtags they use, their location, the number of followers they have, and more. • Create a photo or visual invitation about becoming a social media ambassador w/ link.
  32. Social Media Ambassadors: LinkedIn • If your organization has a group or page on LinkedIn, scan the list of followers to see if any influencers jump out. • Review your network on your professional profile on LinkedIn for potential prospects. Ask board members who are LinkedIn to do the same. • Use advanced search to search by nonprofit interests, location, keyword, or company. • Post a status update on your individual LinkedIn profile or organization page with a link to an invitation for more information about becoming a social media ambassador for your organization
  33. Social Media Ambassadors: LinkedIn
  34. Social Media Ambassadors: Vet Relevant Relationship Connected Credible
  35. Social Media Ambassadors: Recruit • Overview of organization and campaign • Role of social media ambassador • Time commitment • Expectations
  36. Social Media Ambassadors: Communication and Coordination • To make it easy to keep them in the loop • Campaign updates and actions
  37. Provide A Communications Toolkit with Basics • Overview of organization and campaign • Talking points • Brand and Staff social media accounts • Hashtags • Sample FB Updates • Sample Tweets • Sample LinkedIn Updates • List of collateral materials online – logos, important links, etc.
  38. Mini Site for Ambassadors
  39. Shareable Content: Images and Words
  40. Branded Visual Content Optimized for Social Media Channels
  41. Visual Content Optimized for Social Media Channels
  42. Visual Content Tools
  43. Social Media Ambassadors: Activate
  44. Say Thank You
  45. Cultivate the Relationship
  46. Thank you! @kanter on Twitter Resources: