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Internet for life

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Internet for Life
Why you need it:
To be a part of society.
To get information you need.
To compete in a global competition.
In order to sell your product, people have to first see it.
Why you didn’t Start:
You don’t know where to start.
You’re not sure if your efforts are having an impact.
It’s not growing organically and it’s not rational.
In order to sell your product, people have to see it first.
How to Market yourself?
The Product is You
Value proposition
Hedgehog Concept
Advanced Search:
Exact word or phrase.
File type.
Terms appearing.
What is Social Media:
It’s Everything.
What is Linkedin:
It’s not a facebook.
It’s not a job Search site.
It’s an Economic Graph.
The Hero
What is Google Apps:

Kareem Samara
Founder & Community Manager

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Internet for life

  1. 1. Value proposition
  2. 2. Hedgehog Concept
  3. 3. Targeting
  4. 4. Competition
  5. 5. The Hero