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  1. 1. Acero1 Latin dance is not just a dance, are different countries that want to grow and give stuffabout their culture. Latin American dances reflect a culture without confines. Latindancesexpress the strength and aboveall feeling, and it is unique, not for nothing has reached more thanone continent. Physically it helps us maintain our healthy body, externally and internally; a goodexample of this would be the rhythm “zumba”. In the social categorydance can form groups ofgood friends, for example; thanks to many years to be part of different dance groups, had manyopportunities to meet many people and learn more about this issue. The LatinAmerican dance has crossed borders, has come to conquer more than a country,with its different rhythms, it captivates us. Every Latin country has many types of dance; movingfast or slower, romantic or dynamic. The Latin rhythms dance with sensual movements of hipsand legs. In recent years Latin American dance has had an unprecedented global movement.Salsa, merengue, tango, samba, bachata, mambo. Some of Latin rhythms exports have been starsat parties and clubs around the world, it is almost impossible to resist thejoy, sensuality, warmthand the wealth of feelings expressed by the Latin rhythm. For many Latin American musicrhythms in their blood awaken all the dance moves, especially when it comes to demonstratingtheir bodily skills and attributes (Anna). When we speak of Latin dance, were not only talking about a country, if not all countriesin and outside Latin America. All Hispanics look to grow our customs and dancing is one of themost remarkable, because in modern time’s Latin dance clubs have been growing every day andhas cast more often sense the presence of people from another culture the interest in learningLatin dance.
  2. 2. Acero2 Especiallyin Latin America,are admiredfor their easeof dance in thewaist andhipmovement, so that many would argue thatthesepeople are born withmusical rhythmin theblood. “The music and Latin rhythms as we have saidare varieddifferentgenrespresentedthemusic market haveto competeevery hardtocompounds andrhythmscreatedby Latinoartistsbutlikeother genres. Sometimesand oftensaturatethe market withcommercialratesorrhythmscannedasthecommonly called, this means that ratesaretaken, or acombinationofrhythmsto produce otherpeopleeasilyrecognize them (Luis).“Latin dances are generally faster-paced, more sensual, and have more rhythmic expression. TheLatin dances are for couples, typically a man and a woman. Partners sometimes dance in aclosed, tight position, and sometimes hold only one hand. Latin dancing, as Latin music, is sultryand physical. Quick paced rhythms and playful movements make the various Latin dancesendlessly entertaining, sometimes even breathtaking”. Latin dancing is considered one of the liveliest and most enthusiastic types of dancing inthe world, both in terms of music and choreography. It plays a major role in Latin Americanculture, mainly because Latin dancing exists not only as a form of entertainment, but as ametaphor for social unity and identity. Latin dance has been involved in all Latin cultures in the world, one of the most studiedfine arts for men and women who have been interested in that spell that bewitches all participantsand spectators, for this reason, the tradition of dancing in an extremely effective force to studythe culture. “Thus, as mentionedis verydifficult to compete inthe music market, by the saturationofLatin rhythms, this isno offenseto them, but when agoodpaceis maintained andgives a lot of
  3. 3. Acero 3 Healthy competition in themusic market. Throughoutthe historyoftradeandradialvisualrhythmswehavemoved fromdifferent artists, they areusuallyCaribbean rhythmsthathave always beenimposed uponothers, today the genre ofreggaetonisvery attachedto whatisRapfusionwith theReggaeofwhich there are manyexamples ofthis genre.Hislyrics areveryaudibleasocialnoneconformitanda prominence audiblebetweengang member’s andtheirethnicor racialgroup. The rhythmsof thisgenre calledReggaetonare very contagiousto like abouttheacceptance often agers andyoung adultsfor theirirreverentlyrics andcontent”. The acceptabilityofthe peopleand other culturesother than our ownare also showninterest inlistening toour music,and in everyLatin countryshows theopening ofschoolsandLatin rhythmdancetopeople outsideourculture (Dan). Personally, is a form of art where you use whole body movement, usually with livelymusic as a form of expression, social interaction, for entertainment, also is a form ofcommunication, since it is use non-verbal language between humans, where the dancer expressesfeelings and emotions through their movements and gestures, dancing is life every move thatleaves our body is like a flowing feeling; dancing helps us to forget some of our problems and onthe other side is like exercise, also makes alow-intensitycardioand graduallydevelopsphysicalcoordination. In addition to beingagood choiceto reduce stressandovercome shyness, dancestimulates blood circulationand improves flexibility and endurance. Undoubtedly,there is nobetter source of health that dance. "Their inclusionshould be inwhat doctors’call"heart-healthylifestyles as a member whowill contribute to improvedphysical health,and especiallyincertain groups such asthe elderly’’.Latin dancecan help us inimportant wayssuchas:personal,physicaland social (Sanchez).
  4. 4. Acero 4 Social benefits such as: the opportunity to interact and share ahobbywith a partner, givesus new experiences. Physicalbenefit: It increases muscle strengthand bone, causing greaterrangeof motionwhiledecreasingthe riskof osteoporosis, contributesto a betterposture andbodyalignment.”There are a lot of forms of entertainment to help one relax and dance is one of them.For some, dancing not only a form of entertainment but a passion. Dance is one of the mostbeautiful forms of art that has grown in leaps and bounds while capturing the interest of a largeaudience. Learning to dance is not something that can be done overnight, it is something thatrequires professional and experienced trainers to help you learn from the very basic” (Mike). Dance has many forms and style and one can go on with its long list. Every dance formhas its own identity with a different appeal to it. With so many people interested in this form ofart, every country has a distinctive fashion about its dance style and some have become sopopular that they have crossed borders to be adopted and experienced in regions worldwide.Being gained popularity, dance has not only been a mode of entertainment, it has become oneofthe most lucrative professions as well. Today, there are social events and dance competitionsheld that offer the participants a great monetary benefit apart from recognition and fame. Is more than one author describing Latin Dance as a dance rather than a new culturegradually becomingknown internationally, Many of them such as Luis Jaramillo defined theLatin dance as “sequences of body movements, non-verbal patterns determined byLatin cultures,which have a purpose and that are intentionally rhythmic aesthetic value in the eyes of those whowitness it.” “Latin dance is popular the world over for its flair, drama, and sensuality, is bright,passionate and soulful, and has an infectious beat that invites everyone to the dance floor.
  5. 5. Acero 5 Regardless of skill. Great Latin dancers are a joy to watch, and Latin dance has become apopular category of competitive ballroom dancing”. "The Latin dance is a wonderful culture, has a lot to show, it is unique, my purpose likeLatin dance teacher is to give opportunity to countries that are not Latin and they can learn aboutour dance, I certainly think that the Latin dance is going to stay in our life to keep opening moreinternationals doors, and to keep growing like culture”. (Sanchez Martin) Latin dance can be described in words as art, as each of their styles is unmatched, areextravagant, original, striking and at the same time fun. Dances that are usually framedadmiration of all spectators, without a doubt the Latin dance is a truly international art “OurLatin dance and culture goes out all over the world”. (Rohter Larry) Latin dance will continue seeking to connect cultures, leaving behind languages, customsand more. Our dance is an inspiration of our people, our roots, inspiration that we want to presentall over the world to show that Latinos are rich in rhythms, we movements and dancing inside. In conclusion Latin dance has come to cross borders and conquered many countries forits originality, it’s more of a rhythm is a unique to experience and fun beyond can be a benefit toour health. Their only goal is to break boundaries and be the largest Latino art. As I said and Illkeep saying I DO NOT LIVE TO DANCE, I DANCETO LIVE.
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