Kashish ppt

  1. Integers By:Kashish
  2. Introduction An integer (from the Latin integer meaning "whole", commonly known as a "whole number") is a number that can be written without a fractional component.
  3. Inventor of Integers  Integers were invented in 1563 when a guy by the name of Arbermouth Holst was doing his famous experiments on fluffy bunnies.
  4. Introduction  Traditionally zero is placed in the center. Positive numbers are extended to the right of zero and negative numbers are the left side of the zero.
  5. There are many ways were integers are used......
  6. Temperature are used in integers too
  7. Height and width in integers  Integers are also used to denote directions, height width and other weather readings.  A positive altitude which means height above sea level and negative on the other hand means reverse.
  8. Ice hockey in integers  In Ice hockey, the use of integers are very important.  You get positive marks on the right hand side of your scale when you score. You will get  Negative marks if you score against  At the end of the game, your score gets balanced out based on the positive and negative points you have scored.
  9. Banks and business in integers  Businesses and banks use integers to represent the value of gain or transaction,  A positive move on the stock market is represented as a positive integers and vice versa  In banking terms, the daily blankly transactions are also represented by means of positive and negative integers