E rate presentation

31 de Jan de 2012

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E rate presentation

  1. E-RATE The Schools and Libraries Program
  2. Agenda  Review key components of the E-Rate Program  Understand the E-Rate Application Process  Review the Alvin ISD Technology Plan and examine current goals.
  3. What is E-Rate? Also known as the Schools and Libraries Program, seeks to provide affordable telecommunications and internet access to schools and libraries in the United States.
  4. What services does it offer? Provides discounts ranging from 20%-90% on:  Telecommunications  Internet Access  Internal Connections  Basic maintenance on internal connections Schools and Libraries must provide their own "end user" equipment.
  5. How do schools apply?  Schools must complete an 11 step application process. E-Rate Application Process  Applicants must determine eligibility  Applicants will develop a technology plan  Applicants may apply annually for funding
  6. Does our district have a technology plan? Yes. Alvin ISD vows to “invest in evolving technology and maintaining existing infrastructure in order to promote student/technology engagement in the teaching and learning process.”
  7. How does the district determine technology needs? Multiple data-based assessments are used to determine needs, including one we all take part in each year— The Texas Teacher STaR Chart.
  8. Manvel High School STaR Chart 18 16 14 12 10 2010-2011 8 2009-2010 6 2008-2009 4 2 0 Teaching and Educator Leadership Infrastructure Learning Preparation
  9. Alvin ISD Technology Goals Goals 1. Provide technology that supports efficient administrative, district support, and teaching activities to 100% of its teachers and administrators. 2. Increase technology professional development and training opportunities for personnel. 3. Increase the percentage of students meeting the expectations for the 8th grade Technology applications Competency Exam from
  10. Let’s Recap  E-Rate, also known as The Schools and Libraries Program, provides discounted rates on telecommunication services and maintenance.  To apply, schools must determine eligibility and develop a Technology Plan  Alvin ISD uses data from sources such as The Texas STaR Chart to determine technology needs.  Our District Technology plan continues to develop new strategies, especially with regard to student standards and educator preparation.
  11. References and Resources E-Rate Overview and Application Process Schools and Libraries Program National Education Technology Plan National Education Technology Program Alvin ISD Technology Goals Alvin ISD STOP

Notas del editor

  1. Every year we all participate in a process that allows our teachers, administrators and students to have access to 21st century technology. Because the government supplements our funding, it is critical that we all understand how vital our individual, campus and administration's commitment is to this process.
  2. Thanks to the data provided by you, we can assess if our school is progressing, static, or regressing. The good news is that is 3 out of four areas, our school has made great strides in achieving a status of Advanced Tech. However, it also reveals that we have made a linear move in the category of “Educator Preparation.” This allows us to set our goals for next year and address areas of deficiency.
  3. As you can see from the information provided by AISD’s Improvement Plan, Educator Preparation is a recognized area of improvement as well as providing technology and increasing technology competency of 8th grade students. Next year we hope to see improvement in all four areas addressed – especially to our teachers.
  4. With ever evolving technology applications, we will continue to participate in the E-Rate program to allow access to the most current and relevant technology available to our staff and students and remain competitive and current in the education arena. We thank you so very much for your continued service and dedication.