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  1. 1. Presented By: J K Shree
  2. 2. Introduction  17 October 1989, invented to examine color TV signals-John L Judge  A vectorscope-special type of oscilloscope- similar to oscilloscopes operated in X-Y mode;  Used in both audio and video applications, mainly to measure the color information in a video image.
  3. 3. Construction & Working  Older vectorscopes- implemented-CRTs  Graticule was often implemented as a silk- screened-superimposed over the front surface of the CRT.  Modern instruments have graticules drawn using computer graphics.  Both graticule and trace are rendered on an external VGA monitor or an internal VGA- compatible LCD display.  It is the overall distribution of color in image against a circular scale.  In audio applications: measure the difference between channels of stereo audio signals.  One stereo channel drives the horizontal deflection of the display, and the other drives the vertical deflection
  4. 4. Types - Depending On Color 1. Luma: Black and White or any 2 colors 2. Chroma: Color
  5. 5. Depending On Display Type 1. Polar Sample Vectorscope 2. Polar Level Vectorscope 3. Lissajous Vectorscope
  6. 6. Manufacturers (Cost: Rs. 15000 to 50000) Sl. No. Manufacturer Model Number Diagram 1 Textronix 1721 (1720 Series) 2 Leader L900A 3 ikan IK450
  7. 7. Manufacturers…. Sl. No Manufacturer Model Number Diagram 4 Feelworld FW789 5 Qualis Audio 6 Blackmagic Ultra Scope-Software
  8. 8. Specification (Textronix 1730 series) CRT Viewing Area 80 x 100 mm Trace Rotation 8° range, typical Graticule Internal scale with variable illumination Power Source Main Voltage Ranges 115V, 90-132V, 230V, 200-250V Mains Frequency Range 48Hz to 66Hz Power Consumption 25 watts (85 BTU/HR) maximum Environmental Temperature Nonoperating: -55°C to +75°C Operating: To 5,500M (15,000 ft) Altitude Nonoperating: To 18,000 M (50,000 ft) Operating: To 5,500M (15,000 ft) Physical Characteristics Dimensions mm in. Height 133.4 5.25 Width 215.9 8.5 Length 460.4 8.125 Weight kg lb. Approximately 3.8 8.5
  9. 9. Usage Modes • External Audio Input Mode • Audiobus Filter Mode
  10. 10. Applications • Identifying issues in the stereo image • Checking phase and stereo balance issues • Calibrating preamp, compressor and other external processors' gains for optimal stereo recording, mixing, etc. • Special uses: Used to check channel identification i.e., phase compatibility and rotation(inverse) by clicking phase button. Offset or delay of individual bands-Offset button. Used to clip any unwanted signals. • And much more....!!!
  11. 11. Images for Applications Audio Monitoring Live Shooting Chrominance level Waveform Control Available Installer
  12. 12. Conclusion • Now a days apps are being developed for monitoring video and audio. • Software are available for audio recording and measuring chrominance level in video. • This technology is being available in OS (built in).