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8.3 gourmet recipes

  1. 1. In the wide wonderful world of gastronomy, gourmet food is the pinnacle of the fine-dining experience. Unlike simple rustic and country cuisine or convenient fast food, gourmet food pertains to dishes that showcase expensive and hard to find ingredients prepared with very precise cooking methods and elaborate equipment. Creative presentation is given much thought and effort as visual appeal is as important as the food itself especially in establishments where prices can go as high as the sky. Fine bone china, crystal, silverware are brought to serve. With the high cost of ingredients and time-consuming and laborious preparations entailed, gourmet dining is usually reserved for special occasions. Tableside cooking is a feature oftentimes associated with fine-dining cuisine. For experienced chefs, gourmet dining is an opportunity for them to show off their prowess in food preparation methods and use ingredients reserved for such moments. Even health food connoisseurs are excited to showcase their skills from advance cooking techniques like sous vide (cooking food in a vacuum sealed bag over a water bath) to table side preparation methods like flambé. In home-cooking, one can attempt to create a gourmet experience with unusual but palate- and eye-pleasing ingredients. Turn off the microwave for the day and bring out the copper pots and get ready to spend quite a bit at the delicatessen and fine food shop buying materials. Allot ample time preparing the dishes from mis en place to cooking and plating. Fancy ingredients like succulent marbled meat, fois gras (goose liver), exotic truffle oils, and exorbitantly priced items like beluga caviar and expensive wines are placed against a backdrop of simpler but still high- quality ingredients like garden vegetables, fresh herbs, freshly-made pasta and other complements. Though gourmet can also be simple, it is far from average. Gourmet meals should be an overall dining experience whether enjoyed in a 5-star Michelin restaurant or elsewhere. When having such a fancy meal at home and already spending much on the food, take the extra effort in other elements. For table top arrangement, bring out the best dinner and service ware you have (or borrow if what you have is inappropriate); have an elegant
  2. 2. centrepiece at the table, reception area and living room; lastly you may also wish to hire entertainment or at least have a selection of appropriate music ready to complete the mood.