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CRLE Step 1

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CRLE Step 1

  1. 1. Personal Finance Management Career Related Learning Experience Step 1The purpose of this CRLE is to put together a life plan. The purpose of this plan is to getyou to consider the choices you will be making in the near future. Plans change, and thisone may change drastically, but you need to get in the habit of setting goals,researching options, and thinking about your future. Throughout this project you willneed to closely consider what you want to do! All options are acceptable for thisproject, be it a traditional 4-year university, community college, dual enrollment, tradeschool, military service, or jumping right in to the workplace.Items that won’t be accepted include: incomplete answers, excuses, or notthoroughly considering all practical options.Step 1. Your first assignment is to research three careers in your career area. Login toCIS in order to complete this part of your assignment:Website: http://oregoncis.uoregon.eduUsername: sweethomehsPassword: huskiesThe requirement for this step is to write one page (12-POINT FONT, ONE INCHMARGINS) for each of the 3 careers with the following information:Title of careerOverview – brief summary of careerSpecific and common activities – what specifically will you be doing in this career?Working conditions – what will your day-to-day environment be like?Physical demands – will you need to lift, run, or do any other physically strenuousactivity?Skills and abilities – what skills will you need?Preparation – how do you prepare for this career?High school courses – are there any classes you can take to prepare now?Hiring practices – are there any specific hiring practices?Licenses/certification/degree – what education/training is needed?Wages – beginning and average ANNUAL salary (multiply hourly wages by 2,080hours)Employment outlook – will a job be available for you?Advancement – how do you advance in this career?Other – is there any other important information to consider in this career?