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Yidgha Language Preservation Program

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In 2013, Forum for Language Initiative (FLI), Islamabad entered into partnership with YCDO to preserve Yidgha Language. In 2015, USAID Funded a one year program which aims to publish its first ever word list, alphabets book and a folktales book. This project will be completed in 2016.

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Yidgha Language Preservation Program

  1. 1. "Yidgha" Language Preservation Program Implementation Partner Local Partner Project Presentation Supporting Partners PPC College Parabeg Government High School Parabeg Pamir Degree College Garam Chashma Funded by
  2. 2. Yidgha Cultural & Development Organization ( YCDO) is a civil society initiatives aimed to explore opportunities in culture preservation and community welfare. The organization engages the community from the grass root level and cooperates with rural development institution both of the government and international donors to implement project and programs in different key sectors like education, health, culture, language promotions, communications and infrastructure. “Yidgha” is an indigenous language listed in UNESCO as the most endangered language. Its speaker now been numbered in thousand and settled in a remote a valley in Chitral. The language was speedily disappearing and the same was the culture. The youth of the community realized the threat to their mother tongue and in 2010 they came together and decided to take initiative to preserve their language. That was the moment the community decided to form an organization for cultural and social welfare of the aboriginal Yidgha Community. In 2013, Forum for Language Initiative (FLI), Islamabad entered into partnership with YCDO to preserve Yidgha Language. In 2015, USAID Funded a one year program which aims to publish its first dictionary and folk stories book. Two full time paid researchers from Yidgha Community now been employed for the said program and this project will be completed in 2016. . About YCDO
  3. 3. FLI Intervention Forum for Language Initiative (FLI) is an Islamabad based organization helping the indigenous communities in Pakistan to document and preserve their local languages. In 2015, FLI launched a one year project to do the basic work in preservation of Yidgha Language. This project is funded by USAID through Small Grants & Ambassador's Fund Program. Following are the major set for the project. 1)To list 3500 words. 2)To outline Yidgha Alphabets, vowels, consonants, verbs etc. 3)To develop Yidgha Composing Software (FLI) to Publish Yidgha Alphabets book. 4)To record, write and publish Folktales book including 10 selected stories.
  4. 4. Following is the major progress so far made from the project commencement in July 2015 to date; ● 5 Semantic Domain Workshops held from August 2015 to November 2015. That includes Domain 1, 2, 3, 4 & 4C in Village Roi, Oghoti and High School Parabeg. 2000 words has been listed as the outcome of these workshops. ● 11 folktales has been recorded, written and translated. ● FLI has developed a software “We Say” a Yidgha Composer . This is a complete composing software which has been the specifically designed for Yidgha language and include its specific alphabets. ● The software now in use and has been practiced by the Yidgha writers and additionally 2000 Yidgha language words have been listed in the composing software. ●5-days basic orthography workshop held in Government High School Parabeg. The workshop participants were linguists, teacher, professionals, Yidgha community speakers and students. The discussion outlined Yidgha Alphabets, Vowels, Consonants, Verbs and Compound Words. ●Two days writers workshop held in Boson Roi in collaboration with Pamir Degree College. The participants practiced Yidgha Writing System developed in the project. Progress
  5. 5. Next in Programs 1.Yidgha Language Committee Meeting to held in November 2015. Where the developed writing standard will be presented to the community elders and educated members to get community consents for Yidgha Publications. 2.Another writer workshop will be organized in December 2015. 3.Domain 6 workshop will be organized in December 2015. 4.Edited re-narration and recording of folktales will be conducted in December 2015. 5. The Folktales Book, Alphabets Book and words list shall be published during the first quarter of 2016. 6. The project closing ceremony to be held in April-2016.
  6. 6. Workshops Completed Event Dated Venue Participant s Partner Organizations Semantic Domain-1 Workshop 27 July 2015 Boson-Royee YCDO Office 12 FLI YCDO Semantic Domain-2 Workshop 8 August 2015 Boson-Royee YCDO Office 12 FLI YCDO Semantic Domain -3 Workshop August 2015 Gistini Muhmmadin House 11 FLI YCDO Orthography Workshop 29 Sep. – 3 Oct 2015 Govt. High School Parabeg 22 FLI YCDO Govt High School Parabeg PPC College Parabeg Semantic Domain – 4 Workshop 4 Oct 2015 Govt High School Parabeg 22 FLI YCDO Semantic Domain 4-C Workshop 8 Oct. 2015 Oghoti Wali House 10 FLI YCDO Writer Workshop 12-13 October 2015 Boson- Royee YCDO Office 12 FLI YCDO Pamir Degree College
  7. 7. Future Action Plan 1. After completion of the current project YCDO will seek help through the technical cooperation of FLI in getting donor support to extend the Language Preservation Program for another two years. The major set is to search 6000 Yidgha Words and to publish its first dictionary. 2. YCDO will seek KPK government and other stakeholders grants to establish Yidgha Language Primary School in the area so that the Yidgha speaker children get primary education in their own mother tongue. 3. Forum for Language Initiative planning to publish a Flok Stories, History and Yidgha Poetry Book in 2016
  8. 8. Name Designation Mr. Allauddin Honorary Chairman YCDO Mr. Hussamuddin Chairman (Arbitration Board) The Aga Khan Local Council and SCT Teacher at Govt High School Parabeg Mr. Miran Shah Secretary The Aga Khan Local Council & Principal Girls High School Royee Mr. Sharbat Khan Ex-Teacher Turned Politician Leader PTI Chitral Mr. Bahauddin Teacher, Govt High School Parabeg Mr. Arif Teacher, AKES Chitral Mr. Khairuddin Shadani Journalist & President YCDO Mr. Shafi Rehmat Finance Manager – GADO Mr. Hameed Gul Teacher Al-Nasir College Mr. Walu Community Member Mr. Mohyuddin Teacher AKES Mr. Shireen Khan Advocate Chitral Mr. Munir Teacher AKES Mr. Jalil Community Member Mr. Noor Azam General Counselor Village Council Birzeen Mr. Qayoom Community Member Mr. Hisam Uddin Youth Counselor Village Council Parabeg Mr. Shaferoz Researcher FLI Mr. Mian Jan Community Member Rahmat Ali General Counselor Village Council Parabeg Yidgha Language Committee
  9. 9. Participants of Orthography Workshop-3 October 2015
  10. 10. Participant of Semantic Domain 4 Workshop Village Oghoti – 23 October 2015
  11. 11. Participants of Semantic Domain Workshop- GHS Parabeg – 4 October 2015
  12. 12. Semantic Domain Workshop – Boson- Royee Oct 18 2015
  13. 13. Writer Workshop -Boson Royee 13 November 2015
  14. 14. Yidgha Research in FLI Workshop – Islamabad October 2015
  15. 15. Thank you Presentation by Khairuddin Shadani President Yidgha Cultural & Development Organization YCDO Office: Village Boson- Royee, Garam Chashma Valley, Tehsil & District Chitral Phone- +92 943 310188 Mobile- +92 340 9862603 Website: