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Subjective wellbeing and financial stress

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Signe Jauhiainen: Subjective wellbeing and financial stress. Experimenting with Income Support in the Netherlands. Presentation at seminar "Finnish Basic Income Experiment – Science meets social security reform" in Kela 4.4.2019.

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Subjective wellbeing and financial stress

  1. 1. Subjective wellbeing and financial stress Finnish Basic Income Experiment – Science meets social security reform Signe Jauhiainen Maarit Lassander
  2. 2. Basic income experiment and financial wellbeing • Financial wellbeing is a relevant factor of subjective wellbeing • Financial strains • have a negative effect on health • create disruptions in other areas of life, such as social relationships and personal resources. • increase stress level and weaken cognitive ability. • Survey was conducted in October–December 2018. • Questions on • Self-perceived income • Self-perceived level of stress • Financial stress • Number of observations • Treatment group 586 • Control group 1047 • Total 1633
  3. 3. Self-perceived income better in the treatment group
  4. 4. Self-perceived stress level lower in the treatment group
  5. 5. Individuals having financial difficulties experience more stress
  6. 6. Stress level lower in the treatment group when self-perceived income at the same level.
  7. 7. Majority is paying their bills on time but does not have extra savings.
  8. 8. Treatment group has less financial difficulties.
  9. 9. Conclusion • The results are preliminary and further analysis is needed. • Higher income groups over-represented in the treatment group. • Self-perceived stress level and the indicators of financial stress seem to be lower the treatment group. • Basic income recipients might think that they are in a better position than other unemployed individuals. • Regular and secure income might decrease stress level and increase possibilities to make plans.