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Why HTTP Won't Work For The Internet of Things (Dreamforce 2014)

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The Internet of Things has offers compounding value but also compounding problems on top of what we get for either the Internet or embedded technology. While HTTP made the Web successful, the challenges experienced by the IoT are different and require different solutions.

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Why HTTP Won't Work For The Internet of Things (Dreamforce 2014)

  1. 1. Why HTTP Won’t Work For IoT Tim Kellogg Principal Software Engineer @kellogh
  2. 2. About Me Backend Cloud Services Simple Designs Abstractions Are Good
  3. 3. Internet of Things Embedded Internet IoT
  4. 4. Internet of Things Constrained environments • Constrained memory footprint MCUs • Embedded Linux • No OS Unreliable network connectivity
  5. 5. Constrained devices
  6. 6. Telemetry Device to server Sensor readings Big data & analytics
  7. 7. Telemetry Publish Broker Cloud Connectors Subscribe Salesforce1 Platform Devices Sensors
  8. 8. HTTP For request / response
  9. 9. HTTP Request Client Server Response
  10. 10. HTTP Consumer must be available at all times Publisher needs to know the exact destination Publisher depends on the response status
  11. 11. MQTT Broker must be available at all times • Doesn’t do any processing, failure is uncommon Publisher and subscriber are decoupled • Publisher publishes at it’s leisure • Subscriber processes messages at it’s leisure Publisher does not care who (if anyone) it’s publishing to Publisher doesn’t care about the result of processing
  12. 12. Quality of Service (QoS) 0 – fire and forget 1 – Guaranteed delivery at least once 2 – Guaranteed delivery exactly once • Can be easily implemented client-side by using QoS 1 to increase throughput
  13. 13. Topics Hierarchical • a/b/c • com.example/sensors/sen546/temp • CTL/com.example/sensors/sen546 “+” matches single level • com.example/sensors/+/temp • +/sensors/sen546 “#” matches many level, must be at end • com.example/sensors/# • CTL/com.example/#
  14. 14. MQTT Features Last will and testament • Unexpected disconnects Retained messages • Infrequently published values
  15. 15. MQTT-SN MQTT for Sensor Networks UDP + 6LoWPAN Gateway Configuration-free discovery
  16. 16. MQTT-SN Gateway Broker
  17. 17. CoAP A lighter version of HTTP with some extra bells and whistles
  18. 18. Constrained Application Protocol REST HTTP mappings for proxy servers Very lightweight messages UDP + 6LoWPAN Confirmable messages
  19. 19. GET+Observe Additional response messages sent whenever the resource changes No polling
  20. 20. Resources IoT Zone MQTT & CoAP • • Hardware •
  21. 21. @kellogh
  22. 22. APPENDIX CONFIDENTIAL - 2lemetry, LLC
  23. 23. We power the connected enterprise • 2lemetry is an IoT technology and solutions company that powers the connected enterprise, tying people, processes, data and devices together—transforming raw data into real-time actionable intelligence. • Founded 2011—spun off from hardware manufacturer • 100% Focus on Internet of Things—with a “cloud first” focus
  24. 24. Technology - ThingFabric Broker Layer Data Storage Rules Engine CEP Engine REST API Regional Load Balancing • Historical data storage • Automation replication • Schemaless • Find trends • Run computations • Build complex models • HTTP webhook • Republish rules • SMS/Email • Reformat payloads • Supports custom protocols • Supports MQTT, Stomp, CoAP • Balanced by geographical response time
  25. 25. 2lemetry technology, solutions, partners and expertise to provide an end to end solution Technology 2lemetry Device Cloud Platform Solutions Enterprise system integration tools Digital signage Proximity sensing Facial recognition Partners Across entire IoT project lifecycle Sales channel Expertise IoT strategy Integration expertise and application development Managed service and support CONFIDENTIAL - 2lemetry, LLC