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Applied Lean Solutions Palletizing

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Applied Lean Solutions Palletizing

  1. 1. "Applied Lean Solutions" May 11,2011 "Applied Lean Solutions" is meant to make everyday industrial/commercial "Lean" topics easier to understand and provide a fast way to see their uses and benefits and specify your needs. Palletizing Palletizers position products onto pallets or unit loads.Potential Benefits: 1. Reduce load building labor costs. 2. Increase production capability. 3. Reduce lead-time. 4. Improve finished load stability and uniformity.Typical palletizer applications:  Placing full cases/bags of products on pallets/unit loads.  Building loads of product in bundles, such as roofing shingles.  Bulk palletizing containers without cases (glass, metal, plastic, fiber board, etc,).Specifying your palletizer:  Determine which products will be palletized.  What are the minimum and maximum product dimensions and weights?  What is the production rate?  Will you use a pallet de-stacker?  Decide what type of palletizer to utilize i.e. dedicated automation, special design, or robotics.  Infeed elevation high or low?  What size and style of pallet will be used?  What dunnage will be used?  How will the empty be pallet loaded?  How will the full pallet empty be unloaded?The above is a thumbnail sketch. For more information on palletizers or other "Applied Lean Solutions"topics contact Your input is welcome, let me know what other subjects interest you.Sincerely,Kevin Elphick, P.E.Indoff - Material Handling PartnerPhone: 484-300-0373, e-mail: kevin.elphick@indoff.comwebsite: