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Application Delivery Fabric for Next Gen Enterprise

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The application delivery world has changed as enterprises leverage cloud platforms and operational approaches such as continuous delivery to achieve agility and cost efficiencies. This constantly changing, multi-platform environment requires a fresh approach to how applications are scaled, delivered and made resilient. The old big-box approach of the in-house data center can’t offer the flexibility and cost efficiency demanded by the application environment.What is required is an application delivery fabric that meets the current and emerging demands of applications running across multiple environments.

• Make Applications highly available
• Improve Scalability & performance
• Secure and optimize Application delivery

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Application Delivery Fabric for Next Gen Enterprise

  1. 1. Application Delivery Fabric 
 for Next Gen Enterprise
  2. 2. AGENDA KEMP Corporate Overview Application Delivery Fabric Key Differentiators & Use Cases
  3. 3. End Users Apps ABOUT KEMP • Make applications highly available • Improve scalability & performance • Secure and optimize application delivery • Application/workload-centric • Platform independence/ubiquity • Easy to purchase, deploy and use What We Do The KEMP Difference
  4. 4. New York City Limerick SingaporeHannover Fastest growing ADC vendor over the past 5 years #3 ADC Vendor in units deployed (Dell’Oro – March 2017 Report) Top 10 ISV in Microsoft Azure Over 17,000 customers
  5. 5. WHO USES KEMP Diverse Customer Base Larger Enterprise 48% Medium Enterprise 24% SMB 28% Broad range of Vertical Markets Other 36% Retail 4% Finance 5% Service Provider 5% Manuf. 7% Healthcare 11% Education 13% Govt. 18%
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW – ADC 101 Application Firewall, IDS, IPSSecure Forms, RADIUS, 2FA, CAC, KCDAuthenticate Cookie, SourceIPPersist TCP, UDP, applicationHealth Check RR, Connection SDN AdaptiveLoad Balance Cookie, SourceIP
  8. 8. GSLB LOAD BALANCING London New York Singapore Find out more:
  9. 9. ADC DEPLOYMENT MODELS VIRTUAL CLOUD HARDWARE BARE METAL Deliver ADC services on all the leading hypervisor platforms with near bare- metal performance. All the features of an on- premises ADC with the flexibility of cloud with metered, per-hour and perpetual licensing Dedicated hardware appliances with predictable levels of performance and multi- tenancy support. Convert standard HPE, Dell, Fujitsu and Cisco server platforms into full-featured, high performance ADC appliances Azure Stack Microsoft Azure
  10. 10. APPLICATION SUPPORT PORTFOLIO Supported Workloads • AD FS v2 • AD FS v3 • Adobe Connect • Apache HTTP • Apache Tomcat • Aspera Server • Blackboard Learn • Citrix ICA for Clients in an Internal Network • Dell Wyse vWorkspace • Deployment Guide Microsoft Dynamics AX • DNS • Edupoint Synergy • Ellucian Luminis Banner • EMC Syncplicity • Epic • Epicor ERP 10 • Fujifilm Synapse • Graylog Server • Greenway PrimeSUITE • IBM Domino Application Server • IIS • JBoss Application Server • Microsoft Dynamics • Microsoft Exchange 2010 • Microsoft Exchange 2013 • Microsoft Exchange 2016 • Microsoft Lync 2010 • Microsoft Lync 2013 • Microsoft Skype for Business • MobileIron • Moodle • Oracle EBS • Oracle JD Edwards • Oracle PeopleSoft • Pearson PowerSchool • RabbitMQ • Remote Desktop Services • SAP • SharePoint • Splunk • UC-APL Compliant (Military Unique) • VMware AirWatch • VMware Horizon Access Point • VMware Horizon View • VMware Horizon Workspace • VMware Log Insight Manager • VMware View 6 Solution Guide • VMWare vRealize Automation • Windows Server
  11. 11. APPLICATION SUPPORT PORTFOLIO • Adobe Connect • Cloudian Object Storage • Deepnet DualShield • Dell Sonicwall SRA • Ellucian Luminis Portal • Ellucian WebAdvisor • Epic Medical Systems • Epicor E4SE MES • Escape Online 5 • Generic DNS Environment • Generic TFTP • GMC Inspire Interactive • Graylog Servers • IBM Lotus Quickr • IBM Maximo Tivoli • iManage Document Management • JBoss Application Server • JDE Enterprise One with Weblogic • Kerberos • McAfee Move • Microsoft Direct Access Teredo • Microsoft Dynamic AX 2009 • Microsoft Print Server • Microsoft Rights Management Service (RMS) • Microsoft SCOM • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) • NextCloud • Novell Filr • Oracle MWA • Oracle ORA • Oracle RPM • Oracle Web Logic Administration Servers • Oracle Weblogic Form Services • OTRS • OwnCloud • RabbitMQ Environment • SAP HANA • Seclore Enterprise Rights Management • Splunk • Tableau • VMware Horizon Flex • VMWare Horizon Mirage • VMWare Horizon View 7 • VMWare vCloud Director • VMWare Vrealize Automation • VRealize Orchestrator • WSO2 • Zimbra Email Collaboration Verified Workloads
  12. 12. A “VISIONARY” WITH STRONG MOMENTUM IN GARTNER’S MAGIC QUADRANT KEMP offers flexible deployment and strong feature set, pricing and consumption models, which reduce costs, especially in cloud deployments. In addition, the vendor has a history of delivering innovative pricing models into the market. [KEMP] has expanded its feature set to deal with all of the use cases presented in this research. KEMP ranked in the top six for all six use cases (the only vendor to achieve this). “ ““ “
  13. 13. WHAT MAKES KEMP STAND OUT? Technical Training and Certification Free Chargeable Installation and Deployment Minutes Hours Configuration and Workload Optimization Minutes Days Technical Support – Best-in-Class 98.7% Customer Satisfaction ??? Purchasing and Procurement Process Simple Complex Usability and Administration Easy (App. Templates & Config. Hub) Complex Requires On-site Professional Services No (but available) Almost Always Virtual and Cloud Appliances support FIPS 140-2 & UC APL Find out more:
  14. 14. WHAT MAKES KEMP STAND OUT? Software and Cloud Focused
 (Light-weight, VNF Optimized for Intel x86) SDN Adaptive
 (Avoid Network and East-West traffic congestion) 8 Licensing and Consumption Options including Metered Top 10 ISV in Azure and Available in Azure Stack TP3 Now Open WAF and IPS Engines
 (MOD & SNORT Commercial and Custom Rules Supported) Floating License Capability
 (Move unit licenses across platforms) Easy Migration from iRules and F5 VS Configs to KEMP
 (Tools & Services) Central Management, Provisioning & Orchestration 
 with Support for 3rd party ADCs.
  15. 15. CUSTOMER CASE STUDY Requirements • Support for 700,000 Users • Single FQDN • GSLB with 4 Data Centers • HA Configuration in Local SLBs • Survivability in 3 out of
 4 DC outages • 2.8 Million L7 Concurrent Connections • 280 Million L4 Concurrent Connections KEMP Solution Procured F5 Alternative LoadMaster LM-8020M • 300M L4 Concurrent Connections • HA (Pair) in each Data Center • 8x Units in Total • 5 Years Premium 7x24 Support Big IP LTM 10350v • Max 80M L4 Concurrent Connections • 5x Cluster at Each Data Center needed to support > 280M connections + HA • 20x Units in Total • 5 Years Premium 7x24 Support MSRP MSRP (F5-BIG-LTM-10350V-N) Unit: $60,000 Prem. Sprt: $15,000 ----------------------------- Total/Unit with 5 Years Prem. Sprt: $135,000 Total Units (MSRP): 1,080,000 Unit: $125,000* Prem. Sprt: $21,250 ----------------------------- Total/Unit with 5 Years Prem. Sprt: $231,250 Total Units (MSRP): 4,625,000 Total Cost Savings with KEMP: $3,545,000(> 4x Difference!) * Based on published MSRP. Many features that are are included as standard with KEMP are extra cost add-ons with F5 and are not represented in stated MSRP.
  16. 16. APPLICATION DELIVERY FABRIC An infinitely scalable, automated, elastic application delivery services platform that enables customers to deliver the best application user experience and get the insight required to be in total control Empower customers to efficiently scale and reduce application delivery outages Optimize application experience for users Automate and simplify application delivery Find out more:
  17. 17. KEMP 360 APPLICATION DELIVERY FABRIC KEMP 360 ADF Virtual LoadMaster ADC MELA Licensing Migration & Professional Services KEMP 360 Central KEMP 360 Vision
  18. 18. APPLICATION DELIVERY FABRIC Multi-Cloud ADC Infrastructure Control, Management and Automation Predictive Monitoring & Alerting
  19. 19. ADC VERSUS APP DELIVERY FABRIC Legacy ADC Architecture (The Old Way) Consolidate as many apps as possible on as few, high-performance appliances as possible Apps / Services Legacy ADC App Servers ➔
  20. 20. ADC VERSUS APP DELIVERY FABRIC Next-Gen App Delivery Fabric Provide each app or micro service its own dedicated ADC instance across 
 cloud and container environments Integrated Application Delivery Fabric
  21. 21. METERED ENTERPRISE LICENSING AGREEMENT (”MELA”) Cloud Pricing Elasticity • Metered, usage-based pricing for all ADC platforms across the enterprise • Deploy unlimited ADC instances • Infinite scalability with no “per-instance” capacity limits • No overpayment to ensure performance at peak times Flexible Tiers – Predictable OpEx On/Off Variable Peaks Fast Growth Predictable Peaks Real World Example 0 750 1500 2250 3000 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 0 3000 6000 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 0 800 1600 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 1.5 Gbps 2.7 Gbps 5.3 Gbps + + 0-10 Gbps 11-50 Gbps 51-99 Gbps1 Gbps 100 Gbps + 9.5 Gbps Find out more: $ $$ $$$
  22. 22. CUSTOMER SUCCESS UK Clothing Retailer £1.9 billion sales (2017) 145% gross profit growth More than 8.2M customers • ADC capacity to serve 167 million site visitors 
 in a single day • Zero touch deployment and scalability • Public/Private cloud support with feature parity • Globally distributed active-active infrastructure • App delivery service provisioning with 
 K360 automation framework • Complete visibility, reporting and control 
 through Central • Multi-region LoadMaster and GEO 
 active/active app delivery • On-demand scale up/down with innovative, 
 unlimited enterprise licensing (MELA) REQUIREMENTSSOLUTION
  23. 23. “We had our biggest day ever…. 167 million visits and the platform handled it brilliantly Clifford Cohen, CIO, ASOS
  24. 24. CRITICAL APPLICATION DELIVERY QUESTIONS Can we detect Application Delivery Fabric problems and prevent outages in the first place?? If an outage does occur, can we drastically decrease the
 time-to-resolution for root cause determination?? Beyond preventing outages, can we positively impact the performance of apps and the resulting user experience??
  25. 25. KEMP 360 VISION KEMP hosted Service Monitors AD Fabric Preemptive Analysis Actionable Insight (SaaS) Agent Customer Infrastructure Find out more:
  26. 26. KEMP 360 VISION Without KEMP 360 Vision – Solving problems after the event Problem Discovery Escalate Resolve Duration of Impact MIssue Customer Impact Service Outages With KEMP 360 Vision – Preemptive with context-based insight M Issue PreventAnalyzeDetect Respond Customer Impact Normal Operation
  27. 27. WHY APPLICATION DELIVERY FABRIC Agility1 Scalability2 Economics3
  28. 28. SUBSCRIPTIONS TIER PLAN COMPARISON Subscription MELA-1Gb MELA-10 MELA-25 MELA-50 MELA-100 MELA-SCH Specifications Minimum Term 1 Month 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year Capacity Pay per Gb Up to 10Gb Up to 25Gb Up to 50Gb Up to 100Gb Custom Max. Instances Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 95th Percentile* N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes SSL TPS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited LoadMaster Features ESP GEO ESP GEO ESP GEO ESP GEO ESP GEO ESP GEO Support 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7 WAF Option Option Option Option Option Option
  29. 29. CLOUD MIGRATION QUESTIONS Apps / Services Legacy ADC App
 Servers ➔ Integrated Application Delivery Fabric Lift&Shift How many vADC instances (HA Clusters) do we need? How do we size each instance and what will it cost?
  30. 30. CLOUD MIGRATION QUESTIONS Integrated Application Delivery Fabric How many vADC instances (HA Clusters) do we need? How do we size each instance and what will it cost? Through unique set of features, licensing and management capabilities, KEMP is the ONLY ADC vendor to enable streamlined, managed & seamless migration of corporate workloads to Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud AD Infrastructure.
  31. 31. Application Delivery GTM Framework ADC Platforms Licensing & Consumption Options 100s of Workloads & Applications Markets & Verticals Relevant Use cases Cloud & Migration K360 Next Gen Now Virtual, Cloud, BM Perpetual Exchange SME UC Azure Vision & App SLA SDN Scaling & Clustering SPLA S4B Fortune & Global 1000 Pre-auth, SSO TMG Replace AWS Central X86/NFV Multi-tenant Metered SharePoint Gov & Defense WAF Other Public 3rd Party ADCs API Economy Ubiquity & Migration Enterprise, Site & Block Horizon View SLED DC Virtualization Private Red Canary Hey KEMP! GSLB OEM Oracle, SAP ERP Healthcare Geo, Multi-Site LB Hybrid KaaS Roadmap Hourly Web, Scale CDN Legal DevOps Bust to Freemium MDM MFG. IoT Migrate to 100s More Service Providers VDI 1000s more Tech Partners & Alliances
  32. 32. TECH PARTNERS & ALLIANCES Usage Sampled every 5 Minutes MELA Usage Database Licensing Daily Usage Reporting Monthly Usage Reporting Monthly Invoice PartnerCustomer Invoice Customer view of Daily usage
  33. 33. TRY LOADMASTER AND ALWAYS-ON-VPN Always-on-VPN Free trial Try in Azure