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104: Choosing BOB Type, Size and Frame

Easily choose your favorite bug out bag with the perfect frame. Know what these different frames are that will help you stabilize your gear.

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104: Choosing BOB Type, Size and Frame

  1. 1. The perfect bug-out bag is essential for success If you are bugging out, you have chosen a bad situation over a worse one. Even if your original plan was to drive where you needed to go, you could end up hiking up the side of a mountain with a monstrous pack on your back. A well designed bag will reduce the amount of problems you will face in the extreme circumstance.
  2. 2. Choose a Design to Meet Your Needs • Tactical assault Backpacks - They are extremely durable. Tactical Backpacks are great because they are designed to get to any & all gear at any time. • Hiking Packs - Hiking Packs usually come with the ability to carry a lot of gear. These bags are designed for heavy weight & are durable. • Book Bags – Not durable, nor are they well designed. • Duffel Bags – It has much more storage room than a backpack. This bag is a good option to go in a vehicle to help keep things organized.
  3. 3. A Great BOB Frame Can Help You Hike for Hours Keep Your Bag from Being Your Weakest Link Frames to Help Stabilize Your Gear There are three main frame types that work well for a bag. 1. External Frame - Why should you consider an external frame? First, they have better weight dispersal. What this means for you is less compensating for shifted weight in your pack. 2. Internal Frame - Internal Frames are close to the body, so it feels like it is more “connected” to your body. 3. Hybrid Frame - Hybrid frames have better weight dispersal over internal framed packs, but are closer to the body than most external frames.
  4. 4. You Can Find the Perfect Bag with The Perfect Frame When researching and trying bug out bags, don’t forget to research different frames, because they all lay differently on your body. There is a perfect bag and frame out there for you. You can find it. You just have to try many of them out to get a baseline of how each type feels. Don’t purchase it, if you haven’t tried it.
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