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Developing .NET MVC websites using Kentico Cloud - webinar intro

Extraordinary projects require total freedom to experiment. Often, traditional CMS’s bring many limitations to the presentation layer, injecting unnecessary layout that can complicate the design of the site. On top of that, you need to spend days ensuring the right security is in place, monitoring performance, and babysitting a CMS. With the new API-first CMS Kentico Cloud, you can develop a website or a mobile application with the technology you love, without the overhead of a traditional CMS platform. The best part is that security and performance are carried out by Kentico Cloud, freeing you to focus on your solution.

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Developing .NET MVC websites using Kentico Cloud - webinar intro

  1. 1. Developing .NET MVC websites using Kentico Cloud @HrubyTom
  2. 2. What we cover today • Remind the most common issues with traditional CMS and how headless CMS solves them • Developing a simple website using ASP.NET MVC and Kentico Cloud • Q&A
  3. 3. CMS in the CloudCMS on premise Cloud CMS
  4. 4. Multichannel
  5. 5. Traditional CMS Kentico Cloud <body> <h1>Great news!</h1> <p>We have a new...</p> </body> <body> <h1><%=NewsTitle></h1> <p><%=NewsText></p> </body> <form method="GET"> <h1><%=NewsTitle></h1> <p><%=NewsText></p> </form>
  6. 6. Traditional CMS issues • You need to install it, update it, apply hotfixes, guarantee performance… • You need to add custom code in order to enable mobile development • Working around the front-end limitations
  7. 7. Kentico Cloud Draft Deliver Engage the cloud-first digital experience platform for agencies and their clients
  8. 8. Development time Watch online: