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Kelsey Miller

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Kelsey Miller

  1. 1. constant traveler chronic bacon-hater* 724-454-0235 *I really want to like it but I just can’t. It’s a disease.
  2. 2. FIVE GUYS The Brief: Five Guys is known for having fantastic burgers and fries but it lacks a brand voice. The Answer: An in your face, no bull attitude as bold as the flavor.
  3. 3. FIVE GUYS You can avoid the lines when you order Five Guys online for speedier pickup but now you won’t be able to avoid the snarky attitude and judgement that go along with your choices. Your ordering process will be entertaining with the commentary provided by Sam, who will call out every choice you make either congratulating you or taunting you.
  4. 4. Order a lettuce wrap? Order a double bacon burger and fries? Order a salad?
  5. 5. VIBRAM Running Shoes The Brief: Convice runners that the shape of the human foot is the most efficient shape for running, as nature has proven. The Answer: Why trust those “top of technology” shoes that have only been in the making for 50 years when your own two feet have been proven to work for centuries and centuries.
  6. 6. MOROCCO Tourism The Brief: Entice seasoned travelers to venture somewhere new. The Answer: These travelers are no longer intrigued or excited by the onslaught of museums and historical sights or “Must Sees” in tour guide books. These travelers have a thirst for something more, something more vivid.
  7. 7. *Group work. Credit to Andrew Folts on co-writing and art direction
  8. 8. MOROCCO Tourism
  9. 9. Airport Terminal Tactic
  10. 10. MOROCCO Tourism These travelers are used to travel guides sorted by cities or hobbies, let’s give them something diferent. Let’s guide them by color. Visitors to the Moroccan Tourism website will be able to chose a color and will then be guided to a page that shows them where in Morocco they can see that color in its most vivid forms.
  11. 11. Kleenex The Brief: Kleenex advertising seems to always be about colds and germs, but is that all that people use them for? Highlight another use for Kleenex tissues. The Answer: When life is tough, Kleenex is there.
  12. 12. Kleenex When a friend is upset and crying, you hand them a tissue. It’s a comforting gesture. Now, thanks to Kleenex, friends who can’t be there to comfort a grieving friend can still make this gesture virtually and send messages along with the tissues.
  13. 13. What the sender does: What the friend sees: When the recipient clicks to pull the tissues, their friend’s messages fly out as the tissues are pulling away.
  14. 14. HEAD & SHOULDERS The Brief: Convince Millennials that Head & Shoulders is beneficial to them. The Answer: When you have dandruff, you’re constantly worrying about it. When you use Head&Shoulders, you can focus on what actually matters.
  15. 15. *Concepting was a group effort. Since that time I have re-written many aspects and re-worked several of the tactics independently.
  16. 16. HEAD & SHOULDERS Reverse Runway Impromtu runway events will be heald in Millennial-heavy metropolitan areas. The Reverse Runways will feature models walking backwards, showcasing the hair on the backs of their heads instead of whatever clothes their wearing. The confidence they have is not in how they look or what they wear but rather comes from knowing that the back of their head is flake free and as fabulous as the rest of their appearance.
  17. 17. We’ve Got Your Back Mirrors Branded hand-held mirrors will be placed in the restrooms of popular restaurants and bars for Millennials on dates, social outings or networking situtaions. These mirrors allow visitors to check the back or their heads by holding them up in front of the restroom’s large mirror, to make sure everything is just right. Hair Check Pop-Up Washing Stations These shops will invite passerby in for a quick wash and dry, courtesy of Head & Shoulders. The offering serves as a reminder of Head & Shoulders promise of confidence to go throughout your day without a worry of dandruff. Furthering the visual cues of this campaign, mannequins will be placed in the storefront facing backwards, reiterating that with Head & Shoulders you don’t need to constantly look back and can focus on what’s ahead. Go ahead, check out the rear view. Finish out the evening knowing you look great from every angle. No dandruff, no worries.
  18. 18. Experience CREATIVE TEAM LEADER AAF National Student Advertising Competition Syracuse, NY (January 2014 - April 2014) Elected as Creative Team Leader. Co-wrote our Mary Kay campaign plans book. Presented our campaign to industry executives. We placed 2nd at the regional competition in New York City. Apparently you don’t get a trophy for being the winner of the losers. FREELANCE COPYWRITER Brunner Advertising Pittsburgh, PA (August 2013 - Present) Continuing to write quality copy that is consistently being produced. Known as that girl who e-mails about projects at 3 a.m. COPYWRITING INTERN Brunner Advertising Pittsburgh, PA (Summer 2013) Wrote for 25 billable projects. Got lucky, had two billboards and three print ads (and various “grunt work” projects) produced. Got unlucky, fell up the stairs and spilled coffee on my fourth day. CREATIVE TEAM LEADER The NewHouse Ad Agency Syracuse, NY (Fall 2012) Competition asignment given by Saatchi & Saatchi. Created an integrated campaign to market Head & Shoulders to Millenials. Presented to agency representatives. Won the damn thing. CREATIVE GROUP MEMBER PortfoliOrange Syracuse, NY (Fall 2012 - Fall 2013) Developed campaigns based on bi-weekly briefs. Student run group. Most campaigns relied on cheap, suggestive humor and I’m okay with that. SERVER Goldstein Faculty and Alumni Center Restaurant Syracuse, NY (Spring 2012 - Present) Learned to tactfully deal with professors with Ph.D.’s, oversized egos and zero patience. Can easily apply this skill to client relations. COPYWRITER Creative Advertising Courses Syracuse, NY (Fall 2012 - Spring 2014) Progressed through three level curriculum. Passed portfolio review board of industry creatives. Developed the standard “I went to Newhouse” superiority complex (I’m working on it). Quirks Terrified of birds. Talked my way out of an arrest warrant in Spain using my sub-par level of Spanish. Barely dodged German police officers checking for train tickets I did not have. My friends weren’t so lucky. Starting to realize I have an issue with foreign authority. Resisted switching to iOS7 until January ‘14 because I didn’t like the colors. I’m not a fan of bacon. Sue me. Phone: 724-454-0235 E-mail: Portfolio: Skill Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop MRI+, Mintel, Simmons Final Cut Pro Basic HTML, CSS Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest Fluent in Sarcasm Education Syracuse University S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications B.S. Advertising, May 2014 Minor: Sociology • Cumulative GPA 3.95 Awards/Involvement Most Promising Advertising Student Award Syracuse, NY (May 2013) Kappa Tau Alpha Honor Society Inductee Syracuse, NY (May 2013) Some Scholarships Syracuse, NY (Fall 2012) Applied. Got paid. Syracuse University Club Swimming Team Syracuse, NY (Fall 2010 - Present) Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity Syracuse, NY (Spring 2011 - Spring 2012) Inner-City Elementary School Volunteer Syracuse, NY (Fall 2010) Brought in Silly Bands as a treat. Incited a third grade riot.