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Marketing to Developers

Marketing to marketers is easy. Marketing to end users is easy. Marketing to developers is hard. Really hard.

Developers are the worst customers, and the best evangelists. If they love your product, they'll tell all of their developer friends.

If they don't like your product, they'll bombard you with emails and support requests for things they think should exist.

Developers are difficult, marketing to them shouldn't be.

Marketing to Developers

  1. 1. Marketing to Developers Kevin Chau
  2. 2. Developers are the worst customers, but the best evangelists.
  3. 3. They ask a lot of questions
  4. 4. And linger in the funnel
  5. 5. They create lots of pre-sale support questions
  6. 6. But they make great evangelists
  7. 7. So, how do you create customers out of devs?
  8. 8. Product It all starts here
  9. 9. Developer Thought Process
  10. 10. Developer Thought Process 1. Does it solve my problem?
  11. 11. Developer Thought Process 1. Does it solve my problem? 2. Should I build it myself?
  12. 12. Developer Thought Process 1. Does it solve my problem? 2. Should I build it myself? 3. Does it fit into my existing workflow/architecture?
  13. 13. Features Upfront
  14. 14. ?????????
  15. 15. No BS Pricing
  16. 16. Don’t do this.
  17. 17. Simple. Effective.
  18. 18. Developer Friendly API
  19. 19. • Multiple SDKs • Tutorials • Plentiful Docs • Examples
  20. 20. Developer Friendly API Ahem, Google.
  21. 21. Community Build it
  22. 22. Hackathons ‘Technology’ Focused
  23. 23. • Get qualified customers using your product • Low to no budget required to run • Global audience and exposure • Make industry friends and potential partnerships
  24. 24. Meetups DevRel and CMgr Gold Mine
  25. 25. Tech Community Meetups Send your DevRel here
  26. 26. Interest Group Meetups Curated by your Community Manager
  27. 27. • Social outing • Builds strength in community • Builds the brand outside of the product • Real people using the product • Forms stronger core users • Create thought leaders for your product Tech Community Interest Group
  28. 28. Conferences Not of the “I think we should have booth babes, but I’m an idiot.” variety
  29. 29. Simple as that. Pitch for your developers and send them to share their findings in doing what they do best.
  30. 30. Content Thought leadership
  31. 31. Position yourself as a thought leader. Use plenty of example code.
  32. 32. Kevin Chau @kchau ! Divshot @divshot
  33. 33. “Fin.”