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Social Media for Lawyers & Law Firms : Chicago Bar Association

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Presentation before the Chicago Bar Association on 4/13/11. Review of principals of blogging and other forms of social media for professional and business development with high level discussion of

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Social Media for Lawyers & Law Firms : Chicago Bar Association

  1. 1. Social Media For Lawyers & Law Firms : It’s All Relationships & Reputation Chicago Bar Association April 13, 2011@kevinokeefe
  2. 2. Only 14% of people trust advertising.@kevinokeefe
  3. 3. Media isa sharedexperience.@kevinokeefe
  4. 4. Professional development... wonderful byproduct.
  5. 5. Business development time.@kevinokeefe
  6. 6. fundamentals of social media
  7. 7. Networking through the internet builds on what we do naturally.
  8. 8. Rainmakers have always relied on relationships.@kevinokeefe
  9. 9. Word of mouth reputation is everything.@kevinokeefe
  10. 10. Engaging audience tobuild relationships &enhance your word ofmouth reputation? @kevinokeefe
  11. 11. Measuring return on investment 1)REACH 2)ENGAGEMENT 3)INFLUENCE 4)ACTIVATION OF AUDIENCE
  12. 12. keys you must mind@kevinokeefe
  13. 13. Strategy: Don’t jump blindly.@kevinokeefe
  14. 14. Engagement. Who in my target audience am I engaging?@kevinokeefe
  15. 15. You’re looking to build social media equity.
  16. 16. Give value throughinsight & commentary.
  17. 17. There are already conversations going on. Listen@kevinokeefe
  18. 18. Go out: Your goal isnot to be the source.@kevinokeefe
  19. 19. Let go of perceived rules.@kevinokeefe
  20. 20. Perfection is not needed, we’re all still learning.@kevinokeefe
  21. 21. It’s about trust.
  22. 22. RSS Reader LinkedIn Blogs Twitter Facebook Tools offering highest ROI@kevinokeefe
  23. 23. RSS reader To listen...
  24. 24. LinkedIn Professional profile of record... and networking hub.
  25. 25. Key to blogging: FLEE find listen engage empower find: listen: engage: empower:
  26. 26. Professional information network & relationship builder. Twitte@kevinokeefe
  27. 27. Facebook Central nervous system of Internet communication...@kevinokeefe
  28. 28. It’s going to take your leadership.@kevinokeefe
  29. 29. ThanksKevin O’Keefe I LexBlog, Inc95 South Jackson St, Suite 200Seattle, WA 98104office direct: 206.340.8204cell: 206.321.3627web: http://lexblog.comemail: kevin@lexblog.comReal Lawyers Have Blogs: http://kevin.lexblog.comTwitter: Legal Blogging GroupFacebook: Real Lawyers Have Blogs page