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Building a Personal Injury Law Practice Via Blogging

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A blog is a powerful way for personal injury lawyers to showcase their passion, care, and expertise. Blogging lawyers build relationships, grow their word of mouth reputation. and get business.

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Building a Personal Injury Law Practice Via Blogging

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  3. 3. Blogging is about | ©LexBlog. All rights reserved. 3 Real and authentic engagement Strategically showcasing passion, experience and authority Connecting with your desired audience Generating tangible business through word of mouth and relationships
  4. 4. Define your niche | ©LexBlog. All rights reserved. 4 Discover your passion Pinpoint your skills Identify with your audience Solve a problem Establish your goals
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  8. 8. Talk | ©LexBlog. All rights reserved. 8 Blogging is a form of engagement Image ℅ Flickr by Daniel Coy ▪Real and authentic ▪Do not write an article ▪Link and quote liberally ▪Think conversation ▪Offer insight ▪Have an opinion
  9. 9. Social delivers news | ©LexBlog. All rights reserved. 9 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google +
  10. 10. Blogging resources* | ©LexBlog. All rights reserved. 10 ▪Real Lawyers Have Blogs ▪Copyblogger ▪ProBlogger ▪HubSpot Blog ▪'Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers *Time, commitment, and experimentation
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