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PRSA Lunch - March 2017

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How and Why Your Social, Content, PR & SEO Strategy Should be One

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PRSA Lunch - March 2017

  1. 1. How and Why Your Social, Content, PR & SEO Strategy Should be One PRSA – MARCH 2017
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Has Problems 2
  3. 3. Problem 1: SEO is Dead Problem 2: Content is Undervalued Problem 3: Marketing is Very Siloed
  4. 4. Problem 2: Content is Undervalued Direct Sales Scenario: Article earns 250 visits and gets 5 sales leads (2% conv. rate). At $100 = $500.00 SEO & Link Value Scenario: Same article above helps SEO by earning backlinks & social engagement. Organic traffic on non-article page improves by 200 visits. With a 4% conv. rank SEO value = $800.00 Source:
  5. 5. Problem 3: Marketing is Very Siloed
  6. 6. What is a Cohesive Strategy? 6
  7. 7. Content The Digital Marking Trifecta
  8. 8. We Split Content Development Two Ways On-Site Content (pages, blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, etc.) 1. Improve rankings. 2. Social share signal 3. Backlink potential. 4. Native ads increases brand exposure. Off-Site Content (guest posts, influencer content, social posts) 1. Channel for “unbiased" perception. 2. Free content in exchange for PR and SEO backlinks. 3. Publishing
  9. 9. Owned + Paid Media 9 Promoting Owned Content w/ Paid Media
  10. 10. How To Blend: Owned + Paid Running native ads on owned content with paid media is cheap traffic. PPC clicks are much cheaper than search, plush any social media signals, backlinks, and brand awareness from thousands of impressions if.
  11. 11. How Do Native Ads Help SEO & PR? By integrating paid media budget into your content strategy, your business stands the chance of becoming a contributor with a devoted online following (PR). While these backlinks to your site are not treated the same as a traditional SEO backlink they can boost social shares, boost brand awareness, create new backlinks, and eventually boost organic traffic through better rankings (SEO).
  12. 12. Jewelry Store Example: Owned + Paid
  13. 13. Jewelry Store Example: Owned + Paid Native Ads Create Organic Traffic Eco’s in Google Analytics
  14. 14. B2B LinkedIn Example: Owned + Paid Impressions are Free PR & Social Actions Help SEO
  15. 15. B2B LinkedIn Example: Owned + Paid CTR and Engagement Data Tell you How to Make Better Content
  16. 16. Why is Facebook a “Pay to Play” Network? 1. Over 3 Million links are shared ever hour. 2. 1,500 posts compete for users news stream attention 3. Facebook pages with over 1M Likes average 2.27% organic exposure. 4. The only way to really be seen on Facebook is to boost your content.
  17. 17. Popular Platforms Are Evolving
  18. 18. Paid + Earned Media 18 Influencer Outreach & Boosting Earned Media
  19. 19. LinkedIn Example: Earned + Paid Promoting Earned Content helps deliver an independent voice and feedback outside your brand. Free, Clicks Create Awareness & Social Actions Help SEO
  20. 20. Step 1) We connected with a blogger and shipped product for review to after establishing an agreed upon price for a review. Step 2) The article got 62 comments and brought in 45 visits. Step 3) The article was posted on their Twitter and Facebook page. Twitter got 94 retweets and 14 likes. The Facebook post got 82 likes. Influencer Outreach Example-
  21. 21. Step 1) We connected with influence blogger and shipped product for review after establishing an agreed upon price for a review with a link back to our clients website. Step 2) On January 23rd, we got a product review on with a backlink to the website. The article got 32 comments and brought 32 visitors. Step 3) The article was shared on Pinterest and Facebook page. Pinterest got 27 pins and the Facebook post got 46 likes. Influencer Outreach Example-
  22. 22. Step 1) We connected with Forbes author over PR opportunity that included backlink opportunity. Step 2) The article got 6,499 views, it did not bring a lot of traffic to the website but its only purpose was to build up the backlink profile. Step 3) We got a link from Domain Authority (DA) 96 and Trust Flow (TF) 87 website. Earned Media Via Forbes Author
  23. 23. Keyword rankings and website traffic have more than doubled. Results
  24. 24. 1. Start with Simple Google Search – More than likely influencers are hiding right under your nose. 2. Show Credibility and Authenticity - Do your homework and show them you actually spent time researching their content. Make your first email about them. 3. Use SEO Tools (Moz or Majestic) – Look up your competitors backlink profile to see if you can tap into their network of influencers. 4. Don’t Spam with automation software –Nothing says I don’t care about building real relationship like a templated email. 5. Offer Commissions and Ask for More – You might be surprised how many friends influencers have. Establishing trust is very hard and they can open doors for you if you just ask. 5 Tips For Connecting with Top Influencers
  25. 25. Earned + Owned Media 25 Earn Traffic & PR with Owned Content
  26. 26. Monthly Keyword Rankings: “Dog Oral Surgery” Owned Content Earned Content Top 10 Rankings Example: Owned & Earned Working Together
  27. 27. Tip - Long Form Content is Winning Content between 3,000 and 10,000 words receives the most social shares - (ClickZ) 1,076 Word Article
  28. 28. Example - Long Form Content is Winning 60 position keyword ranking Jump for three word phrase
  29. 29. Example – Long Form Content is Winning
  30. 30. How To Make Better Content Step 1) Find Proven Content already successful in search and social. Step 2) Make Content Better in 4 Ways: 1. Make it Longer 2. Make it More in-depth 3. Make it Actionable 4. Make it Share-Worthy Step 3) Publish and Promote.
  31. 31. Example: Guest Post with Owned Content Guest Posting with Owned Content: • We provided the article copy. • They posted the article on their site. • We got earned media. • The article gave us 37 visits so far. • Generated one sale.
  32. 32. Example: PR For Content Exchange
  33. 33. Example: Results Backlink SEO Impact:
  34. 34. 1. Join HARO – I have personally received some of my best PR and SEO backlinks from helping out on SEO and digital marketing articles. 2. Be Responsive & Flexible – PR opportunities sometimes last less than 24 hours. If your checklist misses real-time capabilities your missing out. 3. Interview Industry Insiders – Ask Influencers if you can interview them for your site. Offer up what you are wanting from them. Ego plays are very powerful and people share and link to articles they are featured in. 3 Tips For Earning Media
  35. 35. 35 Putting It All Together Final Thoughts
  36. 36. Content Blended Strategies Solves Our Problems Solution 1: SEO is not dead. The crossover between owned & earned media is where we find a lot of SEO success; however, a fully blended approach works best. Solution 2: The value of content needs more than a traffic calculation. Content has a much deeper impact on long-term SEO, PR, & awareness that needs to be considered. Solution 3: Software companies and agencies are starting to incorporate more blended earned, paid, and owned strategies in marketing plans. . . What will you do?
  37. 37. 37 Thank You Kevin Pike 913.523.6234