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TV Connect 2013 - Multi-network Forum - Vubiquity

"Value of On Demand Business Models" Tony Kelly
The proliferation of connected TV devices, from game consoles to Smart TVs and streamer devices, means Pay TV operators have the chance to extend their reach to existing subscribers, making the service available on different TVs cost-effectively.

With more connected devices and better broadband and CDN technologies, and more interest than ever in turning free-to-air homes into light Pay TV users, we could see the emergence of new OTT delivery and business models in the next few years, including 'offnet', 'Pay TV-Lite' and even OTT-only for the Pay TV market. In all cases the platform operator needs to present its service within an app on the connected device and guarantee that it is secure.

During this Forum, a group of industry experts debated The Operator as an App topic.

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TV Connect 2013 - Multi-network Forum - Vubiquity

  1. 1. The Value ofOn Demand BusinessModelsTony KellyEVP, Key Corporate Strategic RelationsVubiquity #multinetwork #TVConnect
  2. 2. Growth in the MarketplaceGrowth in On Demand and Connected households isexploding in every region across the globeIn the next few years: • Global On Demand Homes currently at 442m homes with growth to 741m by 2018 • Global Connected Audience of 747m households and 1.9 Billion mobile subs by end of 2013. • By 2018, Global Broadband Homes is forecast to increase by 34%, to over 900 Million Homes • OTT Revenues increase by 32% to $32 Billion in 2017 #multinetwork #TVConnect
  3. 3. Market Growth • On Demand Homes are forecast to increase by just under 70% with Broadband Homes & Revenue are both forecast to increase by over 30% in the next five years • In 5 years, internet connected devices will exceed 5b with Mobile/Tablets making up nearly half the marketplace • In 2012, Tablet usage has more than doubled driven by an increase in ownership and also the usage of tablets to watch TV shows and Movies #multinetwork #TVConnect
  4. 4. On Demand is Now Part of theMainstream• A strong content line-up enables VOD to achieve viewing levels comparable to top linear channels.• With the right content mix On Demand content appeals to a wide audience and demographic.• Catch Up Viewing, if it includes the right channel line-up, has the potential to take a significant share of views. #multinetwork #TVConnect
  5. 5. Theatrical Content LicensingWindowsContent windows are set from a title’s initial Cinema or TVpremier and cover the life span of the title #multinetwork #TVConnect
  6. 6. Extending the On Demand OfferingExtending the On Demand MixBrand & Reach Position Choice Extension of the & Product brand and content Convenience Potential– linking through to Consistency & Control Multiscreen Promotion Simplicity across opportunities Price the UIs #multinetwork #TVConnect
  7. 7. More Connected Devices #multinetwork #TVConnect
  8. 8. Content is King as ConnectedAudiences Grow • With a strong and targeted content mix VOD can achieve viewing levels comparable to major linear channels. • As connected audiences & multi-platform viewing increases, operators need to extend their product and brand to retain and strengthen their position in the market.Global connected audience of 747 million householdsand 1.9 billion mobile subs by the end of 2013 #multinetwork #TVConnect
  9. 9. Our Strategy Any Content Provider Any Service Provider DATA, MARKETING, ANALYTICS DATA, MARKETING, ANALYTICS Platform Any Network Any Device Any Business Model Transactional Subscription Sell-Through Ad-SupportedEnabling the transformation from broadcast to personalized, On Demand consumption of Any Video on Any Network via Any Device #multinetwork #TVConnect
  10. 10. Thank #multinetwork #TVConnect