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Period 1 senegal, joanna park

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Period 1 senegal, joanna park

  1. 1. SENESENEGALPresentation by Joanna Park Ms. Wear, 1st Period
  2. 2. GeographyThe area near Senegal’s capital,Dakar, is very suburban and morelike the city. Everywhere else isvery rural and dry. Senegal only has 2 large citiesincluding its capital and only has2 main rivers.
  3. 3. LanguageFrench is Senegal’s officiallanguage for business, government,and education. But mostSenegalese speak the language oftheir own ethnic group.Some other major languages areSerer, Alpuular, Mandingo, Diola,and Bassari. Many people speakWolof as their second language.
  4. 4. HISTORYSenegal has an interesting history.In the 1000’s, Senegal wasintroduced to Islam. Later in the1500’s, more Europeans came tofind slaves. In the 1500-1800’smillions of slaves are sold at anauction, near Dakar, and sent to theAmericas. In 1848 Slavery isabolished!!
  5. 5. Major Problem: Health The major problem in Senegal is the people’s health. Every 100,000 people, there are only 8 doctors. That explains why the Infant Mortality is 68babies! I think that is why it also explains why the Life Expectancy for an average person is 52 yrs. For male and 48yrs. For female. As a poor nation, Senegal is challenged by numerous health problems. Poor sanitation is the main factor that affects the level of health. Intestinal parasites are common because of polluted water . AIDS is a major concern for the population and the health services. The quality of medical care has deteriorated because of thedecline in the number of hospital beds and medical personnel, the lack of medicines in public health facilities, and the appalling conditions of public hospitals.
  6. 6. Problem+Solution PROBLEM SOLUTIONIn Senegal, the major problem there On their own, they should be able tois the people there’s health. There learn to eat enough. They may notare very few doctors, their water is have enough food for all of them butnot fresh, and people starve! Some they can eat what they have right?problems are, including parasitic,intestinal, venereal, and respiratorydiseases.
  7. 7. Solutions for Senegal Long Term Solutions Short Term Solutions You could take people from  Desalinization. That makes America and teach kids in their water more clean! And, Africa so they could have a they can just dump the salt in better education. With that, the the Red Sea because it already more people will become has a lot of salt itself. doctors. So then, the people in Senegal will have better health.  Or, more kids should just go to school so they have a better education!!
  8. 8. FINAL SOLUTION Abt Associates has made a team of Senegalese experts to create the USAID/Senegal Health Care Financing and Policy Program to help the people in Senegal to live a healthier life.
  9. 9. REGIONAL COUNTRIES Ghana MaliGhana isn’t very rich either but Mali has a lot of gold and saltit does have a little more money which was worth A LOT backthan Senegal. then. Plus, a lot more kids attend school in Mali than Senegal so they have a better education.
  10. 10. Senegal’s music! Here is it’s National Anthem!