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Question 7

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Question 7

  1. 1. Since the preliminary exercise, I feel as if my directing and editing skills have improved dramatically as I not understand the concept a lot more than I did back then. In my preliminary exercise we used a shot reverse shot and the 180 degree rule. 180 degree rule is Shot reverse shot is where the where the camera is camera alternates between a not allowed to cross two frames at the same time, usually a conversation the ‘line’ they have exposing the other peoples chosen to shot from. expressions like shown above.
  2. 2. In this exercise I decided to move away from those shots and work a lot more closely with low angle close ups, (as briefly shown at the beginning of the preliminary) handheld movements, tracking shots and medium shots to add to the effect my opening sequence. Tracking shot: where the camera follows or circles that in the frame. Low angle close up: a close up from a low angle or at another angle low down. Handheld movement: holding the camera in your hand whilst filming, gives a kind of unsteady effect. Medium shots: a type of close up where more of the body is exposed. As I continued the role of director from the preliminary to my new project, I was able to pick up the mistakes I made before and change them for the better in this exercise. I was also able to use more of my creativity as there were no boundaries to what we could shoot and the kind of shots that we could use. This allowed me to explore the ones that we be most effective for a thriller film. I was also able to make sure that the shots used were appropriate and were being used to their full potential. As we only had one character in our opening sequence we could not incorporate too many shots but that was not an obstacle as it gave us more time to make the ones we did use really effective. For the preliminary exercise the editing process was quite short as it was just a case of importing and putting the shots together to keep the continuity. This time around the editing process was a lot more longwinded as there was so much to consider. The importing of all the different shots and selecting the ones that we weregoing to use took a long time as we took so many shots so that we could have more of a choice when it came to the final decision. Once that was done, because the opening is not a conventional thriller, we took a long time deciding the order to make it as unconventional as possible so that variety would be added to the concept of thriller. The themes you would expect to see which we felt was important to keep as it is these themes that make thrillers what they are. After the order came all the additional extras that we did not use in the preliminary exercise for that exact reason... it was an exercise. Exploring what the editing programme had to offer helped make the film look like what it is today and helped us decide that this is what our final product would be. There were quite a few mistakes made as expected, but we were able to correct them more efficiently this time as the whole process was no longer to us.
  3. 3. This is the opening shot we used in our This an example of the mainsequence. A high angle medium shot. shot we used, an extreme close up on the protagonists face.