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Dive Into Eight Great Pool Time Tips

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Give your child a day they won’t soon forget by taking a trip down to Chantilly’s own Kid Junction. With no end to the attractions, slides and discovery zones, your child will love their time spent at this vast indoor play place while you sit back comfortably knowing they’re safe every step of the way. When the weather isn’t so right for a swim, take a trip to Kid Junction for the ultimate indoor play day!

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Dive Into Eight Great Pool Time Tips

  1. 1. Foot sazneeaes Whether you are an active swimmer or casually play in the pool, there are eight basic tips that can make your poolside life better! Let’s dive into these top eight tips: 1. Timing IS Everything Sunscreen takes 30 minutes to absorb into your skin and will be fully protecting. This is important for everyone to practice, especially for children‘ sensitive skin. Putting sun block onto your children can be difficult, which is why using spray on sunscreen at home before you get into the sun is a good idea. 2. Safety and Fashion First Allowing your children to become comfortable in the water is key. so don‘t forget to sign them up for swimming lessons before you take them out of the water. Other tools you can use to make them feel comfortable is using floatation devices. Children love making their own decisions. so be sure to let them help pick out their water wear. Parents should feel comfortable in the water with the children, so if you have issues with that take some swimming lessons yourself and be prepared by knowing first aid. 3. Foggy Goggles No More! How many times have you tried to use goggles and the second you get in the water they fog up on you? Well. with scrubbing baby shampoo on each lens and washing it offwill do the trick. Now you can swim at ease. 4. Master Your Poolside Snacks Children need to feed their body while having a full day at the pool. so Food52 has solved that problem for you by turning snacks into a bar form. Another neat trick is putting snacks like dip and veggies in empty peanut butter jars. 5. Be Happening with Hydration You and your family must remember above all else that hydration is key to feeling refreshed after the pool. so bring hydrating foods and flavored waters to the pool. 6. Shower Time is the Best Time Showering is key to keeping yourself and your family free of being impacted by chlorine. Remember to shower before and after your dip in the pool. 7. Keep Your Car from Water Damage No one likes having wet seats in their car. so please think twice before leaving for the pool. Bring extra clothes for the way home and a waterproof bag or sack to keep the wet things in. 8. Oh No! Is that a Sunburn? On the off chance that you did get too much sun and not enough protection then you can do three things to help: 1) Add six cups ofwhole milk to a bath 2) Apply cold Greek yogurt for 10 minutes 3) Keeping an aloe Vera bottle in the house. Now you don‘t have to be anxious going to the pool by yourself or with your family, because you now have the knowledge to do it right! lllllCTl0lls