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Get Out Of Your Own Way: Sustained Giving Programs

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In this webinar, Kimbia's Taylor Shanklin gives you tips to get the most out of your sustained giving program.

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Get Out Of Your Own Way: Sustained Giving Programs

  1. 1. Get Out Of Your Own Way “GOOYOW” Webinar Series • 4 Parts in June – each only 15 minutes • Taylor Shanklin, aka “T-Shank” • Director of Marketing Strategy @Kimbia • Online Fundraising Is Our Jam! • Favorite things: Coffee, chocolate, digital trends • On ”The Twitter” @kimbiainc @tshankcycles • www.
  2. 2. Practicality: 3 Tips, Each Time Things you can do now Today’s Topic: Sustained Giving #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  3. 3. Sustained Giving Poll: Do you feel like you are leaving money on the table? #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  4. 4. Tip #1: Define your model, connect to impact Models • Specific Impact • Recurring revenue / Evergreen impact Show Impact • Focus on the need • Keep the messaging clear, concise, simple • Prove your differentiators #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  5. 5. Tip #2: Make it Simple To Do Use Technology to automate the process • Clear call to action / monthly giving selector on same page as your one- time form • Prefill historical donor and billing information for returning donors #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  6. 6. Tip #3: Segment and Upgrade Appropriately Segment • Look at your data and patterns of donor behavior including frequency and amount • Donors in past 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, lapsed sustainers – different messages Upgrade over time • By a small amount every 6-12 months • Example: $21/month >> $23/month #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  7. 7. GREAT EXAMPLES IN ACTION #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  8. 8. Next Up on “GOOYOW”! Thank you for joining today! June 8 @ 11 AM CT – Are you annoyed by your own donation form? June 15 @ 11 AM CT – Event registration DOs and DONTs June 22 @ 11 AM CT – Work on your core: How to grow your sustained giving program June 29 @ 11 AM CT – Communicate effectively within your organization to create growth Want to see a demo of how Kimbia can help you love your donation form? Visit Email us: Question for T-Shank?: #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc