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Real Estate Science – Bounce Rate Counters

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UI, UX mixing for optimized social signals attribute conversion goals via search rankings, link building & social content curation. Advocate rule of hashtag URLs as PaaS - payment as a service gateway on social media network. Analyze user experience events & behaviors to relay targeted engagements rich via native storytelling content. One Page responsive user interface & user experience designer for brands, start ups & websites and comprehensive end to end online marketing solutions.

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Real Estate Science – Bounce Rate Counters

  1. 1. Real Estate Science Bounce Rate Counters - Site Audit by Hash Dash Digital
  2. 2. Real Estate Science Challenges & Promotion Roadmap Ingredients Reduce BOUNCE Rate AUTHENTIC Link Building LEAD Generation NATIVE Branding EMPOWER Tools & Dashboards LEAD Source Tracking
  3. 3. “ Build clear navigational menu (breadcrumbs style), Speed up Page Load using Google Page Speed Plug-in, Reduce external links by opening them in a new window “ HOW TO REDUCE BOUNCE RATESite Audit Report by Hash Dash Digital Identify pages that offers SERP on irrelevant keywords with higher bounce rate – Extract these high bounce rate pages, identify which irrelevant topic or keyword was cached and Provide relevant content around these topics to make it contextual.
  4. 4. Authentic Link Building Semantic Approach to Link Building – Holistic SEO – Applies with Content Marketing Deploy Property Listing Network via Brokers from NCR with objective is to consolidate client domain Born Week 1 Target X new listings under client domain // Requires mandatory follow up steps to boost traffic & reduce bounce Growth Week 2 Officially announce launch of Client Tools & Dashboards for Real Estate Brokers mobile ready on cloud Think Different Week 3
  5. 5. Trend social media with conversational easy commenting to exercise referential sources of WWW friendly mobile nodes Trend Hash Tag Target Invest in story making events of business locations to map interested list of enthusiasts’ & advocates Story Making Month 3 Google My Business for each property registration – boost page relevance reach with Adwords Search & Display Listing Verification Month 2 Create event specific route map of users who clicks to start paid “ad campaign hit” for person xyz123 Visitor Tracking Month 1
  6. 6. 1st Week COST Each listing will cost Client based on exercise to complete verification of property addresses from NCR. Results of Link Building Timeline of stages planned for authentic link building to create repeat visitors & counter bounce! COST FACTORS 2nd Week Hash Dash Digital will deploy strategic partners instrumental in capture cycle of each verified location. AUTHENTIC 1st Month Our strategy to verify property locations ensures measures to cache top SERP are legitimately indexed STORY MAKING 2nd Month With more than 100 verified Google My Business properties, stage is ideal & set for story making @hashdashdigita l 3rd Month Hash tag URL grouping of property listings – create pool of everyday repeat visitors
  7. 7. Native Branding Road Map 0109 Apt Surveying & Digital Ethnography Study for Real Estate Clients Surveying Brand to individual centric module that is channelized by social commenting to establish propagandas of extensive reach & relevance Marketing We create effective marketing strategies that ensures empowerment enabled channels are opened for continuous motion of profits. Promotion Promotion style is elevated to accommodate daunting challenges of native advertising demand and accustom affinity deliverables.
  8. 8. 01What We Will Cover For You Hash Dash Digital – We do all things digital & social! Native Advertising Inbound Marketing Story Making & Events Strategy & Promotions Digital & Social MarketingNative Advertising Inbound Marketing Story making & Events Strategy & Promotions Digital & Social Marketing 50% 90% 80% 95% 99% Retouching
  9. 9. 01What More Can We Do All services here included in Financials for Scope of Work by Hash Dash Digital Copywriting SEO AnalyticsPPC UI/UX Design 75% Create multiple landing pages with unique content & keywords for different visitors 60% Maintain top rankings for branded terms & Write schema rich mapped pages 80% Focus on boosting multiple landing pages boosted with location specifics via PPC Ads 50% Conversion Optimizer for Inbound Traffic Flow based on existing content base 90% One Word One Page – Create conversational phrases based around core keyword
  10. 10. Timeline via #hshdsh – Real Estate 0118 Surveying, Preparing, Designing & Finishing end to end digital marketing. Survey Preparation Designing Finishing Week 03 04 05 0601 02 Survey : we start with a survey to understand about your brand from your internal & external networks. Preparation : Identify pages under client domain for SERP on irrelevant keywords with higher bounce rate – Extract these high bounce rate pages, identify which irrelevant topic or keyword was cached and Provide relevant content around these topics to make it contextual. Designing : Build a clear navigational menu (breadcrumbs style), Speed up Page Load using Google Page Speed Plug-in, Reduce external links Finishing : Trend social media events rich with conversation oriented easy commenting mechanism to exercise rich referential sources of World Wide Web friendly mobile ready web pages
  11. 11. Our Workflow Real Estate Clients 01 Understand Existing Structure of Content Pages to Evaluate Marketing Roadmap Design Recreate UX via A/B Testing & Redesigning UI / UX for end users across web & mobile Schema Rich Schema tagging to build authenticity of property relevance Review Devise social sharing widget experiences using Client content on real estate domain Fashion Deploy content aggregators, exchange & distribution network Branding Ensuring all digital collaterals for client create brand recall value experience Rinse Review all steps completed to effectively create road map for visitors Marketing
  12. 12. Visitor Experience Mapping How we plan to ensure repeat visitors for all visitors ahead? Programming Testing EmpowermentSubscription Cloud Code API aggregators to track, collate, navigate & report all visitors to client domain via visitor tracking analytics Recreating end user max time session on client dashboard to create new UI design experience for higher per visitor session Smart Real Estate Tools for Brokers & Professionals that aims to empower self employment avenues. Establish branding as leading content providers for real estate with an engaging audience pool Achieve maximum reach when it comes to cloud technology usability & development for real estate professionals
  13. 13. Steps Up to Success Timeline of development phases for Real Estate Clients by Hash Dash Digital Start by signing up for Hash Dash Digital Monthly agency retainer cost of INR 100,000 only Agree to invest INR 600,000 every month for next 2 quarter additionally We design marketing roadmap for Clients objectives Reintroduce client branding with brand new strategy approach based around current selling high points By end of 2nd quarter we are confident of reaching objectives to motivate you continuing on your profile journey Start DesignInvest Promote Success
  14. 14. 01Defining Success What are various achievable we delivery wit proposed marketing roadmap for Real Estate Clients? 1st Month Reduce bounce rate by 20% 2nd Month Increase verified property listings by 35% 3rd Month Improvise authentic link building by 50% Quarter 1 Increase new visitor acquisition by 90% With an investment of up to 600,000 per month, Hash Dash Digital will ensure required objectives of Real Estate clients including bounce rate reduction, authentic link building & lead generation are delivered. In addition, we will also attract following attributes: 1. Visitor Tracking 2. Tools & Dashboards for Brokers 1. Buzz Marketing 2. Collaborate Content Conclusion
  15. 15. Public Events this Year 0 Timeline of Milestones Ahead for Real Estate Clients via Hash Dash Digital 1st Month, 2015 2nd Month, 2015 3rd Month, 2015 Launch Multiple Landing Pages Mailer Campaign #MRE Complete Verified Property Experience First Week, 2015 2nd Week, 2015 3rd Week, 2015 Kick Start – Client Hash tag Introduce Broker Tools & Dashboards Begin Google My Business Pre Event Buzz, 2015 Main Event, 2015 Month to Renew Retainer Plan Story Making Verified Property Client Milestone Event Re-think.
  16. 16. Hash Tag #hshdsh for more! We are responsive. We are parallax. We are hash dash. @hashdashdigital FB.COM/hashdashdigital
  17. 17. #hshdshFollow @hashdashdigital or hash tag #hshdsh