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Empathy map & statement

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From an interview concerning getting more business by an educator/designer

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Empathy map & statement

  1. 1. “I lose interest in the nuts and bolts” “I Like the fit and finish part” “Find experienced people in the field to work with” “Know where your passion and your talent lies” “Develop and marketing plan” “Establishing relationships showing up and talking to people” SAY
  2. 2. THINK • I think it is very important for this person to follow his heart when he works • I think he knows what he is good at and what he is not so good at • I think he appreciates working with talented people • I think he will never make a lot of money
  3. 3. FEEL • His needs are more personal than career oriented or money oriented • I feel like he enjoyed being listened to • I feel like he will enjoy developing business if it is relationship based • I feel that his personal and professional life is about people and that is also why he does what he does
  4. 4. Problem Statement • My interviewee needs a way to find new business because the business he is doing is not meeting his need for helping other people enough