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Analytics Toolkit: 3 Ways to Increase Conversions and Revenue for Your Clients

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Can you confidently say to every client - for every $1 you spend with me, you are going to get $X back in revenue? The truth is, most marketers can’t see metrics all the way through to revenue. And the key for growth is having visibility into the right metrics so you can recommend the right optimizations to your clients.

In this webinar, analytics experts at Kissmetrics will teach you 3 ways to help your advertisers increase conversions and revenue. At the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to talk intelligently with your clients about how analytics can help them:

Measure the direct impact that campaigns have on revenue and profit
Recommend the best optimizations that will lead to your clients' goals
Understand where their best customers come from and what drives the highest conversion rates: like specific campaigns, channels, and product features

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Analytics Toolkit: 3 Ways to Increase Conversions and Revenue for Your Clients

  1. 1. Agenda • Who is Kissmetrics • Challenges that advertisers faced • How analytics helped your clients: 1.set the right goals 2.find what drives the highest conversion rate 3.recommend the best optimizations
  3. 3. Kissmetrics: Analytics to optimize your marketing
  4. 4. Poll #1
  5. 5. Impressions Clicks Conversion CPA Campaign 1 1,000,000 5000 1200 $3.68 Campaign 2 250,000 4000 800 $2.00 Campaign 3 500,000 1000 200 $6.00 You’re marketing to people. Align your metrics to that.
  6. 6. Too much data prevents marketers from hitting the bullseye
  7. 7. 1 Find what drives the highest conversion rates Recommend the best optimizations Solidify what you are going to measure 2 3 Understanding what matters will lead you to happy clients
  8. 8. Poll #2
  9. 9. Poll #3
  10. 10. +36% Customer satisfaction +19% Likely to stay/renew +28% Willingness to recommend +33% Less likely to cancel/churn *Transforming Customer Experience: From Moments to Journeys A good customer journey leads to better business outcomes
  11. 11. Know the space so you can get the right equipment
  12. 12. MARKETINGSTACKMETRICS Visitors VISITORS LEADS PROSPECTS CUSTOMERS Ad Tech CRM Marketing Automation: Acquisition/Activation Nurture Programs Retention Programs CMS Web/Content Management Customer Analytics Tag Management API Integrations Getting the right equipment will accelerate your purchase funnel
  13. 13. What’s behind that retention rate? Which ad tactic leads to revenue? What programs contribute to your goals (i.e. trial sign ups, purchases, profits?) Identify the right goals with your clients
  14. 14. • What are your primary marketing goals? • What is the goal of your website? • What are your success metrics? • Are you responsible for acquisition, activation, and retention metrics? • What types of questions do you want your analytics tool to answer? • Do you know how your campaigns are performing? Questions to ask your clients to prep for your brief
  15. 15. 1 2 3 4 Trial Sign Up Visited site Video Plays Signed up for newsletter The metrics that everyone measures:
  16. 16. The metrics that YOU should measure Subscription Based Model E-Commerce/Booking Sites Signups Searched product Newsletter Subscriptions Viewed product/item Ad Campaign Hits Added item to cart Account Activations Checked out step 1/2/3 etc Cancelled Entered Promo Code Billed/paid Registered/signed up for Account Logged In Canceled order Used features X Refunded/returned items
  17. 17. After you get those metrics, you can start to find revenue metrics Acquisition Activation Activation Activation Retention
  18. 18. How do I find my best performing channel?
  19. 19. Original Variant When should I start A/B testing? Where should I start?
  20. 20. First touch? Last Touch? Linear Multi-touch? Weighted? Time decay? Position based?
  21. 21. How do you get more people to take your desired action after they see the login page? ● A banner promoting the importance of reports? ● An engagement driving people to the reports? ● A video that shows how awesome reports are? How do I improve my trial experience?
  22. 22. How do I get more customers to repurchase?
  23. 23. 2
  24. 24. Poll #4
  25. 25. “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” -Edison
  26. 26. Kissmetrics case study: A/B testing plot twists we didn’t see coming 1 2 Original Variant
  27. 27. Case study #2: funnel reports will show you roadblocks early 1 2Events leading up to a sale Retention post sale
  28. 28. Recap How analytics helped your clients 1.set the right goals 2.find what drives the highest conversion rate 3.recommend the best optimizations
  29. 29. Words of wisdom - Set the right goals with your clients early on
  30. 30. Poll #5
  31. 31. LOG IN WITH GOOGLE Start Your Free Kissmetrics Trial