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Data-Driven Storytelling: How To Use Qualitative and Quantitative Insights To Create Content That Fuels Your Business

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What exactly constitutes "good" content? Is it content that goes viral? Is it content that gets a ton of shares and views? Sure, all of those things are great if they happen, but content is only as good as the goals it helps you and your team achieve.

As marketers, you already know that so much content is being created daily and that yours needs to stand out for it to even attempt to make a lasting impression. In order to achieve this, you need to know what the members of your audience are looking for in the content they consume. Then you have to apply art and science to craft a compelling story, measure adequately, and use this content in each department of your company.

In this webinar, Brittni Kinney, VP at Influence & Co., will dive into the identifiers of good content, discuss what kinds of insights are helpful in creating a content story that speaks to your audience, and explain how to use this content to achieve the various goals of your company.

You'll learn:

The art and science of storytelling
How to use qualitative and quantitative insights to inform your content
How content can fuel your business and how various departments can use the content you create

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Data-Driven Storytelling: How To Use Qualitative and Quantitative Insights To Create Content That Fuels Your Business

 AND QUANTITATIVE INSIGHTS TO CREATE CONTENT THAT FUELS YOUR BUSINESS" The webinar starts at 10 a.m. PST. Slides and recording will be sent out within 24 hours of the webinar. Q&A after the presentation, but feel free to enter questions as they come up. There will be a 10-minute demo of Kissmetrics Analytics after the Q&A.
  2. 2. @Kissmetrics #Kisswebinar @thuelmadsen
  3. 3. Thue is the Kissmetrics Webinar Wizard and Marketing Ops Manager. Before joining forces with Kissmetrics, he was a Lyft driver in SF, which is also how he ended up as a Kissmetrics marketer. Whenever Thue is not trying to automate everything around him, you can find him hiking in the Sierras. THUE MADSEN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics @ThueLMadsen I’m a VP at Influence & Co., a content marketing agency that helps companies position their key employees as industry experts. I like my coffee black, my whiskey straight, and travel when I can afford it. I think most people just want to feel heard, and I’m happy to comply. I've also taken a sworn oath to never eat sushi. BRITTNI KINNEY Vice President, Influence & Co. @bkblackandgold
  4. 4. @InfluenceandCo #Kisswebinar @bkblackandgold
  5. 5. 1 Section One — How to Create Good Content What Is Good Content? Cutting Through the Noise The Art and Science of Storytelling 2 Section Two — How Content Fuels Your Business 3 Section Three — Resources TABLE OF CONTENTS #Kisswebinar Email Customer Engagement Sales Enablement Lead Generation HR/Training Social Media Thought Leadership/Professional Brand of Leadership Team
  6. 6. How to Create 
  7. 7. Good content is content that meets goals. It is not necessarily viral content, or content with the most shares, if that doesn’t align with your goals. WHAT IS GOOD CONTENT? #Kisswebinar
  8. 8. CUTTING THROUGH THE NOISE What your audience is looking for #Kisswebinar What search engines are looking for
 Subject Matter Experts Utilizes Key Components of Storytelling Uses IDEA Communication
  10. 10. THE ART AND SCIENCE OF STORYTELLING — QUALITATIVE INSIGHTS #Kisswebinar Personal stories and examples
 Pulls back the curtain of your business Customer insights, testimonials, feedback
 Sales team roadblocks, objections, hard questions
  11. 11. THE ART AND SCIENCE OF STORYTELLING — QUANTITATIVE INSIGHTS What Performs Well? #Kisswebinar What’s Ranking on Search Engines? What’s Doing Well on 
 Your Blog? What’s Doing Well on Competitor Blogs? Proprietary Research From Your Audience
  12. 12. How Content Fuels Your Business BRITTNI KINNEY, INFLUENCE & CO.
  13. 13. EMAIL — NEWSLETTERS Consistent
 Weekly content recap
 Keeps your brand top of mind #Kisswebinar
  14. 14. EMAIL — DRIP CAMPAIGNS #Kisswebinar Fulfill needs Educate
 Keep your brand top of mind Convert
  15. 15. EMAIL — EMAIL COURSES #Kisswebinar Sign up for a specific course 
 Training delivered via email
  16. 16. EMAIL — TIPS #Kisswebinar Determine the best content for your drip campaigns. 
 Strategically drive traffic to certain pages. 
 Use data from emails to fuel your future strategy. 
 Try non-alias email addresses.
  17. 17. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT #Kisswebinar Answer Questions Provide Continued Education Use As an Upsell Tool Engage Cold Customers ?
  18. 18. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT — TIPS #Kisswebinar Chatbots Consumer Data Arm Customer Service/
 Account Team Email Newsletter — Customers Only Infographics, Videos, Webinars
  19. 19. SALES ENABLEMENT #Kisswebinar Client Outreach Lead Nurture Start Conversations
  20. 20. SALES ENABLEMENT #Kisswebinar
  21. 21. LEAD GENERATION #Kisswebinar Guest-Contributed Content 
 Articles that offer unique insights from your subject matter expert(s) in publications your audience reads
  22. 22. HR/TRAINING #Kisswebinar Recruiting
 Referral bonus Vetting Training
  23. 23. SOCIAL MEDIA #Kisswebinar Fuel for Strategy 
 Content sharing by team
  24. 24. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP/PROFESSIONAL BRAND OF LEADERSHIP TEAM #Kisswebinar Audience Connections Partnership and Co-marketing Opportunities Speaking Opportunities, Awards, Books Investor Relations
  25. 25. Resources
  26. 26. #Kisswebinar The State of Digital Media Free Consultation
 Want more tips on content marketing and how to create an effective strategy? Set up a call with us, and if you sign up before May 8, you’ll get $500 off your first month of services! All these resources are also available in the link. The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution
  27. 27. THUE MADSEN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics @ThueLMadsen Questions? BRITTNI KINNEY Vice President, Influence & Co. @bkblackandgold