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  1. 1. Genghis Khan By: Omair Babar CRN:117437 PAC PESHAWER
  2. 2. Early Childhood and Birth • Born with the name Timujin Borjigin in the year 1162 near Lake Baikal, Mongolia. • Dad died when Timujin was young granting him the title of leader of his clan. Lake Baikal, Mongolia
  3. 3. Harsh Circumstances • Timujin was denied leadership by his half-brother • His half-brother kicked Timujin and his mother out of the clan • Timujin later returned a killed his brother claiming his throne • Later named “Genghis Khan”
  4. 4. Education As A Child • Timujin never had any formal form of education as he mainly lived off the land .
  5. 5. Personality and Values • Honesty and loyalty was a big part of Genghis Khan’s personality. • As he trusted his generals and gave them free rein in battles. • Also he gave them some key decision making abilities when they embarked on campaigns.
  6. 6. Personality cont. • Spirituality is was another key part of his personality in his later years. • Genghis Khan was very interested in Buddhists and Taoists religions.
  7. 7. Qualities of a Good Leader • He was a very demanding leader who got things done. • He certainly “walked the talk” as he carried out every threats that he made. • His leadership style is very Autocratic.
  8. 8. How He Developed Leadership • Genghis Khan developed leadership through trial and error. • He learned it on his own trying this and trying that using what worked the best. 2 1
  9. 9. Accomplishments • His accomplishments included: 1. He took over almost all of Asia creating an Empire in his wake. 2. Genghis Khan was able to unify the Mongolians and rival clans.
  10. 10. Why I chose Genghis Khan •The reason I picked Genghis Khan is because I want to knew who he was and wanted you to learn more in depth about him and his great autocratic leadership skills from one of the greatest leaders in the history of the world.
  11. 11. Thank you very much

Notas del editor

  • The leader that I chose is Genghis Khan ruler of the Mongolian empire.
  • Birthplace: Lake Baikal, Mongolia
    Birth name and year: Timujin; 1162
    Dad died when Timujin was young
  • Half-brother said no kicked he and his mother out of the clan
    Timujin came back later to kill his brother
    Genghis Khan means “universe ruler”
  • Was not educated in his childhood
    learned how to live from father and experience
  • Honesty and loyalty were in Genghis Khan’s nature
    He gave free rein to people he trusted
    An example is when they went on campaigns he gave the generals special powers to do certain things
  • Genghis Khan was spiritual especially in the Buddhists and Taoists religions
    Genghis Khan was really looking for immortality
  • He was demanding or ruled with an iron fist
    He brought this fist down hard on opposing forces and rivals
    He unified his clan and even some of the rival clans showing his leadership ability to get everyone going in one direction
  • He was a great leader because he was able to unify many clans and people under on authority and conquer almost all of Asia.
    His leadership developed over time as he worked at it
  • Genghis Khan accomplished many things
    One of them being that he conquered almost all of Asia itself
    That spanned over 11 million miles
    Another would be that he was capable of unifying all of the Mongolians and rival clans as well .