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Introduction to Yahoo! Gemini

Our SEM media team looks at the new Yahoo! Gemini platform and has some advice for advertisers.

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Introduction to Yahoo! Gemini

  1. 1. KLICK HEALTH / INTRODUCING YAHOO! GEMINI 1 A search and native advertising platform PREPARED BY: SEM DATE PREPARED: APR 20, 2015 // MEDIA VENDOR
  2. 2. KLICK HEALTH / • Yahoo! And Microsoft recently announced a change to their search alliance • Beginning in May 2015, Yahoo ‘owned and operated’ properties such as will no longer have its ‘sponsored search results’ powered solely by Bing • Gemini is a self serve advertising platform for Yahoo! search and native ads • Like other search engine marketing vendors, Gemini uses a bidding system as it’s pricing module 2 WHAT IS YAHOO! GEMINI?
  3. 3. KLICK HEALTH / 85% 5% 9% 1% 2015 Mobile Search Engine Market Share (Jan – Apr) Google Bing Yahoo! Other 3 MARKET SHARE The introduction of Yahoo! Gemini isn’t cutting into Google’s market share but rather it’s managing the traffic Yahoo! already gets through another vendor instead of through Bing.
  4. 4. KLICK HEALTH / DA • Native advertising platform • Requires images SEM • Native ads are accompanied with text similar to SEM ads • Search ads appear on Yahoo! Search • Utilizes a self-managed bidding platform • Native ads can be managed similar to content network ads in Google 4 IS THIS SEM OR DA? Since the platform offers paid search and operates like other SEM vendors, the SEM team will manage these campaigns.
  6. 6. KLICK HEALTH / • Ads appear on 100% of mobile devices and tablets when user searches on YAHOO! • Ads can appear up to 49% of the desktop searches on YAHOO! • Like other search vendors, ads are targeted through keywords 6 MOBILE SEARCH ADVERTISING
  7. 7. KLICK HEALTH / 7 GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO - WHO DOES WHAT? • All Google ads are managed through Google AdWords • All Bing ads are managed through Microsoft AdCenter • All Yahoo! Mobile & Tablets ads are managed through Yahoo! Gemini • At least 51% of Yahoo! Desktop ads are managed through Microsoft AdCenter • Up to 49% of Yahoo! Desktop ads are managed through Yahoo! Gemini Advertising Platform Search Engine Google AdWords Microsoft AdCenter Yahoo! Gemini MOBILE Google    Bing    Yahoo!    TABLET Google    Bing    Yahoo!    DESKTOP Google    Bing    Yahoo!  AT LEAST 51% UP TO 49%
  8. 8. KLICK HEALTH / 8 AD FORMATS Title: 50 characters Description: 70 characters Display URL: 35 characters Destination URL: 1024 characters Yahoo! Gemini does not yet support black box advertisements
  9. 9. KLICK HEALTH / The platform currently does not support black box format ad copies. While they are currently working to include this format as part of their offering, black box advertisers are currently left to think of outside the box solutions. 9 BLACK BOX WARNING ADS Some advertisers are using the description lines of the ads to include the boxed warning label when search engines do not support black box formats (I.e. Google mobile, Yahoo! Gemini). In all instances, these ads drive to an html page with the adverse effects listed.
  10. 10. KLICK HEALTH / How do we decide if exploring mobile search ads on this platform makes sense for you? 10 SELECTION CRITERIA MOBILE- OPTIMIZED OR MOBILE- FRIENDLY WEBSITE NET BUDGET & VERTICAL SIZE GOOD RESULTS FROM MOBILE TRAFFIC WITH ADWORDS AND/OR ADCENTER ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT HOURS Your website should be able to support mobile traffic for us to consider this platform. If we have seen positive results for mobile traffic through AdWords and/or AdCenter we’ll be more inclined to explore this platform. If you have a very restrictive budget or the vertical in which you advertise in is very small, it may not make sense to opt-in to Gemini mobile search. If we anticipate very low traffic we have to consider if the results will be worth the effort. Managing another vendor requires additional effort so we need to evaluate if the current scope of work can support that or not.
  11. 11. KLICK HEALTH / How much budget do we need to run this? • We can leverage current and past spend levels from mobile traffic on the Bing network as our predictive tool. We know that Gemini has not cut into Google’s market share and has only taken away from the Bing network where it used to reside. By deducting what we are currently spending on mobile traffic in Bing from what we were previously spending (prior to Gemini launch) we can estimate how much traffic Yahoo! delivers on their mobile network. 11 BUDGET REQUIREMENTS
  12. 12. KLICK HEALTH / The same KPIs and benchmarks the SEM campaigns on Google and Bing are being optimized towards would be applied to Gemini as well. 12 MEASURING SUCCESS
  14. 14. KLICK HEALTH / • Native ads are sponsored advertisements that mimic the format of articles on a website but instead promote the advertisers product 14 NATIVE ADVERTISING
  15. 15. KLICK HEALTH / • Native ads appear on desktops, mobile devices and tablets • They may appear on the Yahoo! Network or on their syndication partner properties 15 NATIVE ADVERTISING * The list of syndication partners is always evolving and subject to change. Yahoo! Is currently working on deals to add the Weather Channel, Weather Bug and The Chive.
  16. 16. KLICK HEALTH / 16 NATIVE TARGETING OPTIONS Search Retargeting Behavioral Targeting Site Retargeting Mail Domain Retargeting Serve native ads to users who have searched for terms from your pre-defined keyword list Serve native ads to Yahoo Mail users who have received emails from your pre-defined list of domains Serve native ads to users who fall within your pre- defined Interest Buckets Serve tailored native ads to users who have visited your site in the past
  17. 17. KLICK HEALTH / 17 AD FORMATS Image: 1200 x 627 and 82 x 82 pixels Title: 50 characters Description: 150 characters Destination URL: 1024 characters Comany Name: 25 characters According to a recent Yahoo! study, the use of faces perform significantly better in online advertising than images without faces.
  18. 18. KLICK HEALTH / 18 NATIVE ADS SELECTION CRITERIA How do we decide if exploring native ads on this platform makes sense for you? BRAND OBJECTIVES BUDGET ASSET AVAILABILITY If awareness tactics hold value to the brand this is an option worth consideration as it’s a broader and less focused audience than paid search. This platform requires an image to accompany a standard SEM text ad. This means we’ll require the asset to be created for this effort and approved by regulatory. If you have small or limited budgets we may not want to explore this as its large inventory base can run up costs quickly and we likely won’t want to take funds away from paid search to support this. If the paid search campaigns can’t spend up to pace with it’s allocated budget, this can be an area to explore testing. GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK (GDN) SUCCESS While this isn’t exactly the same as a display network buy, it’s similar enough that if we see success on the GDN, we may want to consider exploring this network as well.
  19. 19. KLICK HEALTH / How much budget do we need to run this? • There is no minimum but we do want to be conscious of performance and search inventory in deciding how much budget to allocate here • Much like we do with the Google display network we let performance dictate where the funds should be allocated and if the search network performs better (as it often does) we want to ensure we’re maximizing our spend there before opting in 19 BUDGET REQUIREMENTS
  20. 20. KLICK HEALTH / How we measure the success depends on why we’re opting in • Awareness – if the objective is to create brand awareness and get more eyeballs on the brand and to the website we measure with front-end metrics such as clicks, click- through-rate and CPCs • Performance – if we have specific goals in mind and want to explore how effective this network is at driving to those goals we would measure the goal completions, completion rates and cost-per-action (CPA) 20 MEASURING SUCCESS