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Marketing to HCPs - Digital Pharma East

The introductory slides from the Marketing to HCPs stream at Digital Pharma East.

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Marketing to HCPs - Digital Pharma East

  1. 1. Why are you talking to me? I’m busy.
  2. 2. Marketing to HCPs Attention scarcity in the modern age
  3. 3. Difficult conversations come with the territory for HCPs. Only materials that are easy and helpful will make it here.
  4. 4. Content is consumed between patient consults.
  5. 5. Peer to peer is your strongest recommendation, and can be anything from conversation to formal talks.
  6. 6. Physical access is difficult and becoming harder.
  7. 7. “Look, I believe you know your product better than anyone, but I also think you’re biased.”
  8. 8. THE HCP MARKET powered by Some selected HCP-related quotes from stories in the Klick Wire since August, 2013
  9. 9. THE HCP MARKET powered by • 19% of Oncologists allow reps unrestricted access • 50% want contact when there is news • "[Marketers] now get to be in the exam room," he said, although, "it's pretty easy to get yourself thrown out." • 4,400 entries of peer-reviewed data on mHealth evidence • Free Samsung tablets for attendees of Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) without Sunshine Act reporting • 84% of US consumers want full access to EHR
  10. 10. THE HCP MARKET powered by • Pharmacists, on average, fill 254 prescriptions, and make 4.8 Rx and 7 OTC recommendations per day • 88% provide adherence resources • 48% are spending more time on patient education than two years ago • 30% provide digital adherence resources • 64% agree that patient outcomes are a priority for the next 1-2 years • 62% of respondents prefer email the most as a method of communication • 66% of HCPs are interested in education materials
  11. 11. THE HCP MARKET powered by • 51% of Americans would visit pharma-sponsored websites after receiving a diagnosis • 42% of patients are referred to pharma websites by their physician • Many doctors say the increased disclosures are making them rethink their relationships with industry, citing concerns about privacy and accuracy • • • • 100% of HCPs use a computer 86% use a smartphone 53% use a tablet 47% use all three (digital omnivore)
  12. 12. THE HCP MARKET powered by • 82% would recommend apps to patients, a boost to the "prescribed app" movement • Laptop: 100% • Smartphone: 94% • Tablet: 85% • Digital omnivore: 82% • The mobile health market will grow by 61% to reach $26 billion by 2017, according to firm research2guidance • 515 million wearable sensors will be shipped globally by 2017, up from 107 million in 2012, according to firm ON World
  13. 13. Don’t take it personally, but I’m busy. Come back when you have new information.
  14. 14. All data in this deck appeared in Klick Wire mailings since August 1, 2013. Links available upon request: Brad Einarsen, Writer, Editor, and Chief bottle washer • •416-459-9091