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ArtSpark ArtsLP Rio Rancho Arts Commission 2.13.14

An introduction and overview of ArtSpark's ArtsLP (Arts Listening Project) prepared for and presented to the Rio Rancho (NM) Arts Commission 2.13.14

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ArtSpark ArtsLP Rio Rancho Arts Commission 2.13.14

  1. 1. ArtSpark’sArtsLP (Arts Listening Project) ArtsLP Community Dialogues Presentation to Rio Rancho Arts Commission February 13, 2014
  2. 2. The “ArtsLP” • ArtSpark launched the ArtsLP (Arts Listening Project) in 2013 to discover how the careers and longevity of artists, artisans, designers, and other creativesare best supported in different communities. • With that goal in mind, ArtSpark facilitates “arts ecosystem” dialogues across a wide spectrum of diverse community stakeholders in select U.S. communities. • In thinking about sustainability and the arts and “thriving arts ecosystems,” the ArtsLP includes some basic practices and principles: no waste, recycling resources, permeable institutional and special interest boundaries, working together toward the common good, and self-sustaining mechanisms that are interwoven into the community fabric. • ArtsLPdialogues have been held in ABQ (July 2013), and in Silver City (November, 2013). ArtSpark hopes to include at least two additional communities in 2014 (Rio Rancho?)
  3. 3. Ecosystem Example #1
  4. 4. EcosystemExample #2
  5. 5. Ecosystem Example #3
  6. 6. Arts LP Model
  7. 7. “ArtsLP” Steps • ArtSpark collaborates with community partner to coordinate an ArtsLP community dialogue (e.g., arts commission, local arts and culture organization, local government). • Invitations to participate: all 14 stakeholder groups. • 9am – 3pm ArtsLP community dialogue. • Dialogue includes a series of questions about the existing arts ecosystem, voting on priorities, brainstorming actions AND actual work time to get some things DONE. • Support from ArtSpark after the ArtsLP community dialogue, including the possibility of: follow up consultations, web-based sessions, email conversations, conference calls, etc. • ArtSpark will be connecting all the ArtsLP communities in 2014/2015 to allow for cross-community sharing, brainstorming, problem solving, and peer support and learning. • Ongoing evaluation of the ArtsLP re: impacts and outcomes (changes in practice, changes in community partnerships, changes in connections across communities, changes in resources, etc.)