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Alternative Process

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These pictures are from my alternative process class. This was a very rewarding class because at first I had mixed feelings about it, but by the end I really enjoyed this class. Alternative process photography is all about experimentation, so it take more patients than traditional photography, but the final product is worth it because reminds me of pictures from the past due to the history of photography.

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Alternative Process

  1. 1. Capitol Building Silver Gelatin
  2. 2. Capitol Building P.O.P  
  3. 3. Capitol Building Cyanotype  
  4. 4. Capitol BuildingPlatinum-Palladium
  5. 5. Crocker Art Museum   P.O.P  
  6. 6. Downtown River P.O.P  
  7. 7. Capitol Flag Raised High P.O.P  
  8. 8. St. Francis of Assisi   Cyanotype  
  9. 9. McCormick & Schmick’s Cyanotype
  10. 10. Sutter’s MillCyanotype
  11. 11. Wholesale Grocers  Platinum-Palladium  
  12. 12. Old SacPlatinum-Palladium  
  13. 13. CrestPlatinum-Palladium