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How to Write an RFP for Social Media

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The agency, Create Digital (, and brand, Verizon ( perspectives on how to write an RFP for Social Media.

How to Write an RFP for Social Media

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  2. W W W. C R E AT E D I G I TA L . C O M
  3. •  Step 1: Define the Objective•  Step 2: Define the Requirements•  Step 3: Establish Timeline•  Step 4: Defining the Relationship•  Step 5: Sharing the Budget•  Step 6: Evaluating your Options•  Step 7: Success
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  5. •  Identify core business •  What are your core business objectives objectives•  Identify key marketing •  What problem are you solving initiatives for •  What have been the greatest pain points to date Select the appropriate objectives social media can support
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  7. Details to share with agencies Questions to ask the brand• Internal Resources • Business needs• External Resources • User needs• Metrics • Personnel resources• Governance • Original content assets • Internal stakeholders Agree to the same objectives and resources
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  9. •  Lay out a clear timeline of due •  Manage resources against the dates: RFP response ‣ 1st response due •  Focus on demonstrating process ‣ Finalists notified ‣ Sample project assigned •  Focus on presentation as it reflects capabilities ‣ Agency presentations ‣ Agency selection made, finalists notified Clear expectations allow both sides to work to a unified goal
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  11. •  Outline your marketing •  Understand organization goals structure•  Prioritize your goals •  Discuss process preferences•  Share dependencies within •  Assign accountability your organization •  Establish work plan outside of•  Define best practices for contractual obligations working relationship Make sure you are speaking the same language
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  13. •  Defined marketing budget, •  Share budget range undefined budget for social •  Establish a number that is•  Winning ideas sometimes force beneficial to both parties reallocation of budget •  Plan ahead with phased•  Tangible things are often approach and percentages easier to buy •  Highlight internal groups that can share cost/benefit of social Show scalable solutions to win internal buy-in
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  15. •  Create a rubric to score RFP’s •  Understand evaluation process•  Select your evaluation team •  Ensure KPI’s include long term•  Require that finalists success metrics demonstrate capabilities Share the key factors of evaluation to provide the clearest opportunities for success
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