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Build your first DApp using Substrate Framework - Part I

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Substrate is a development framework for creating blockchains, offering different levels of abstraction depending on developer needs. It dramatically reduces the time, energy, and money required to create a new blockchain.

Substrate provides a much larger canvas for developers to experiment on, as compared to smart contract platforms like Ethereum. It allows for full control of the underlying storage, consensus, economics, and state transition rules of the blockchain, things which you generally cannot modify on a standard smart contract platform.

~ First, it reduces the burden on parachain builders by providing security-as-a-service from the relay chain. This shared security simplification lowers friction for builders and simplifies the process of launching a new parachain.

~ Second, shared security provides a framework for parachains to talk to each other, which ultimately allows parachains to specialize.

In this session you will explore how to build decentralized apps (dApps) directly into your own blockchain using the Substrate development framework and module library.

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Build your first DApp using Substrate Framework - Part I

  1. 1. Build your first DApp using Substrate Framework - Part 1 Presented By: Ayush Kumar Mishra Sr. Lead Consultant Knoldus Inc.
  2. 2. About Knoldus Knoldus is a technology consulting firm with focus on modernizing the digital systems at the pace your business demands. Functional. Reactive. Cloud Native
  3. 3. 01 Blockchain 101 02 Problems with Current Solution 03 Introduction to Substrate Our Agenda 04 How to create Substrate Pallet
  4. 4. Introduction to Blockchain Image Source: Edureka
  5. 5. How Blockchain works?
  6. 6. Problems with Current Blockchain Solution ❏ Requires amount of years to work ❏ Deploy as Smart Contract into an Existing Platform ❏ Fork an Existing project ❏ Build from Scratch ❏ Problems with scaling, upgrading, and uniforming
  7. 7. 1 2 3 4 Introduction to Substrate
  8. 8. Substrate Architecture
  9. 9. Substrate Runtime ❏ The runtime is the block execution logic of the blockchain.
  10. 10. Building components of Substrate
  11. 11. Why Substrate for Blockchain ❏ Focus only on main business logic ❏ No risks of repeating the mistakes and copying the forks ❏ Substrate offers a full set of tools and instruments to create a blockchain with a DApp structure in a very short time ❏ Development is based on the Rust language. This makes development convenient.
  12. 12. Why Parity decided to use Rust ❏ Because of the confidence one gains when writing a program in Rust. ❏ Rust's very strict and pedantic compiler checks each and every variable you use and every memory address you reference. ❏ Rust ensures that our programs are free from undefined behavior, data races or any memory safety issues. ❏ Native and WASM binaries use same runtime codebase.
  13. 13. Build your own Substrate Pallet // 1. Imports use frame_support::{decl_module, decl_storage, decl_event, decl_error, dispatch}; use frame_system::ensure_signed; // 2. Configuration pub trait Trait: frame_system::Trait { /* --snip-- */ } // 3. Storage decl_storage! { /* --snip-- */ } // 4. Events decl_event! { /* --snip-- */ } // 5. Errors decl_error! { /* --snip-- */ } // 6. Callable Functions decl_module! { /* --snip-- */ }
  14. 14. Fake Product Identification System ❏ Add a product in chain and associate with a barcode ❏ Verify a barcode ❏ Substrate pallet template: mplate ❏ Pallet example:
  15. 15. 01 References chain
  16. 16. More from Knoldus Enable organizations to capture new value and business capabilities Consistently blogging, to share our knowledge, research Accelerate your learnings and development Insight & perspective to help you to make right business decisions It’s great to contribute back to the community. We continuously advance open source technologies to meet demanding business requirements.
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