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Recipe Mobile App Development

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Case Study: Food and Recipe Mobile App Development. Simplify cooking methods through various recipes
please find the case study on how Toyaja built mobile app

Toyaja have expertise in Mobile Application development for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

With the current Mobile revolution, business landscapes are being modified. This growing adaptation of mobile technology/devices is empowering the buyers with unlimited access to the vast information which influences their decisions and purchases. Hence it is important for the organizations to realize the value of mobility and mobile applications, which will give them greater success.

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Recipe Mobile App Development

  1. 1. © Copyright Toyaja Inc. 2015 CLIENT Client is an online fresh herbs and spices provider which is frozen, chopped, crushed and ready to use. Client has a tie up with Wal- mart to sell their fresh spices and herbs. Customers can enjoy natural health benefits of these herbs conveniently and can also simplify cooking methods through various recipes. BUSINESS NEED Client was in need of a recipe mobile application designed for the users to choose from the different kind of recipes, with various options like style of cooking, ingredient, dietary, nutri- tion, allergies etc From the user point of view, client wanted to add some main and sub categories so that the end users can quickly select multiple options. Social Media sharing option like Facebook and Twitter to share recipes Client required a visually appealing design, easy to use app with search bar on the home screen. SNAP SHOT SNAP SHOT Visually appealing Recipe App Developed on iOS and An- droid platform. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Tablet Shows number of servings, Ingredients and Method of cooking Search option on home screen Social Media option for shar- ing recipe on Facebook, Twitter User-friendly interface Recipe Mobile App development TECHNOLOGIES IOS -includes both iPhone & iPad IDE : Xcode: 5.1.1 Andriod OS
  2. 2. © Copyright Toyaja Inc. 2015 BUSINESS SOLUTION Toyaja team developed this innovative app for iOS and Android platform and can be used on iPad, iPhone, tablet. This application has large recipe database and users will find something new from time to time. As per client requirement, Toyaja provided five categories for user selection. The main categories are style of cooking, main ingredient, recipe categories, Dietary and Nutrition Selections & Allergies. And us- ers have options to choose from different styles of cooking, like Asian, Indian, Italian, Mexican etc. Here the user has to select at least one item to proceed to next screen The recipe displays are easy to read and well-formatted, so that users can start preparing dishes conven- iently Provided search bar to search recipe for an item if it exists in database and will show the item to the user with description of it. Toyaja’s iOS and design team provided rich and responsive user interface for each main and sub catego- ries. A dash board is provided to the end users where they can manage their selections. A social media sharing option to share recipes on Facebook and Twitter ABOUT TOYAJA Founded in 2004, Toyaja is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Global Software Solutions company headquartered in California, USA with offshore presence in Hyderabad, India, provides custom IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. We are a part of the 34 year old India based ‘Kapil Group’, a $600M conglomerate, with 30 diverse businesses in its portfolio. Toyaja’s clients represent a multitude of industries, spanning such diverse verticals as, Healthcare & Pharma- ceuticals, Manufacturing, Education, Media & Entertainment, Professional services, Energy & Utility, Technol- ogy, Wholesale & Distribution, Construction, etc. We have implemented Software Solutions, provided IT Services & Advised more than 80+ clients across 33 states.