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Organ Donation In India

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Organ Donation In India

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Organ Donation In India

  1. 1. Organ Donation in
  2. 2. ORGAN DONATION – LET`S LIGHT A LAMPI was reading the newspapers the other day. My eyes were drawn to certain statistics which reallyshook me. The article stated that since 2008, about 1680 organs were retrieved from cadavers, inTamilNadu.On enquiries, I learn that the number of cadaver donations, on the other hand, within Kerala, over thelast year, was just 5. The increasing number of cadaver donations in Tamil Nadu is mainly due torelaxation of formalities that has made it possible that both the post mortem as well as retrieval oforgans could be conducted in a single hospital and that too without any time restrictions. In Kerala, postmortems are still possible only between 9 AM and 5 PM.Due to such stringent regulations, we are often unable to retrieve organs, in case of accidental deaths.I could say from my personal experience that the rules here are quite rigid.I had to seek and secure close to 30 certificates and documents for my voluntary donation.Agreed, some degree of scrutiny is certainly required; but does this really help any one? The formalitiesinvolved are cumbersome enough to dissuade voluntary donors, who come forward.
  3. 3. Everyday, we see at least a couple of advertisements seeking organ donors, in news papers.Though they are stated to be seeking voluntary donations, it’s a known fact that commercialtransactions abound.When voluntary donations and cadaver donations are few and far in between, this is but a naturaloutcome.To promote awareness in organ donation and help spread the message, K ChittilappillyFoundation, under my chairmanship, has envisaged two sets of awards under the ‘K ChittilappillyOrgan Donation Promotion Scheme’.The first set of awards are intended for those who facilitate the donations of their deceasedrelatives, on brain death.
  4. 4. Dependant relatives including spouse and children, parents, brothers and sisters, would be eligible for thisset of awards. In case, more than one relative is found to be eligible, it may be shared or conferred on anyone, deemed most suitable by the Foundation.The second set of awards are to be conferred on those, who donate to those patients whose ‘nearrelatives’ are unable to donate to them due to medical incompatibility or other reasons. Such avoluntary donor or distant relative would be considered for the award, subject to the conditionthat the said donation inspires the ‘near relative’ of that patient to donate further, voluntarily.The scheme shall be valid w.e.f. 1.1.2012 to 31.12.2013 and are applicable to those donations thattook place within Kerala, within the said period. Eye donations and donations that are notnecessarily life saving would not fall within the ambit of the scheme. I believe that honoring suchselfless acts would further inspire many. I request you all to suggest eligible nominees for the saidawards so that we could further the cause of organ donation. Please also share your thoughts onthe scheme that we have envisaged. Instead of cursing the darkness, let’s light a lamp.
  5. 5. Thanks For Reading ORGAN DONATIO