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KOMFO SUMMIT 2017 - Alexander Åberg & Andreas Granath

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Komfo Summit is all about enabling meaningful moments. Stay ahead of the curve with chatbots, customer service, data activation, ROI, AI, machine learning, influencers, and much more.

What is this presentation about?
Head of SoMe at Bergendahls Food, Alexander is fascinated by the speed of the evolution of tech and communication, as well as of how the change of online human behavior impacts how we interact offline. In his talk together with Andreas Granath (Oatly), he will be sharing a retail perspective on social media rollouts from local to global.

Digital Media Specialist at the food & beverage brand Oatly and former Digital Media Manager at Starcom, Andreas is a creative doer and media geek who reads media and communication theories before falling to sleep. In his talk together with Alexander Åberg (Bergendahls Food), he will be sharing a retail perspective on social media rollouts from local to global.

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KOMFO SUMMIT 2017 - Alexander Åberg & Andreas Granath

  1. 1. #komfosummit ALEXANDER ÅBERG Bergendahls food ANDREAS GRANATH Oatly ”From local to global -  Two retail perspectives on social media rollout”
  3. 3. The change From •  No structure •  Unclear strategy •  Recycling print ads •  Corporate/ commercial To •  Clear structure •  Clear strategy •  Creating content •  Personal/relatable
  4. 4. The result Operations Analysis Paid Social Creative Social Media Manager Strategy City Gross store
  5. 5. Concept Blueprint Tailored content Analysis
  6. 6. 11 countries 10 languages
  7. 7. Education - Goals - Purpose - Process -  KPI -  Systems Roles -  Manager -  Designer -  Copywriter -  Photografer -  Paid spec. -  Monitorer -  Freelancers Set up Process - Global content - Local content - Measure - How are the different roles working together - Systems Roll Out Purpose - Goals - What -  Why? -  Omni -  KPI Content - Global content ready to be rolled out. On-boarded Content -  Global content -  Local content -  Paid Measure -  KPI Support -  FB group
  8. 8. Brief Copy Feedback Approval Publish Monitoring MeasureTranslation Approval Images